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    Final Extremis

    It's hard to say that this series has been anything but disappointing, but it has. After Kieron Gillen's amazing work on Journey Into Mystery, and the fact that the previous Iron Man series (The Invincible Iron Man) was brilliant, I was expecting the same here, but unfortunately we've received a very inconsistent series, which has overall been very poor.


    This issue sees Iron Man head into space to retrieve the final rouge Extremis technology, and he will also have to tangle with an old friend. This issue also features a small set-up to the next Iron Man storyline God Killer.


    This was another disappointing issue of Iron Man, and I'm starting to lose all hope in this series. There will be some people who would have liked the fact that Gillen made this storyline in one-shot issues, but I personally think it killed the story. Okay, there would have still been some issues that would have been terrible, whether they interlinked into the next issue or not (mainly Iron Man #2) but at least you let the reader know where they stand. Although each issue is new reader friendly I don't think the series has been, as there'll be a lot of new reader liking one issue, and hating the next thinking if this is what all comic book series are like, which isn't a good thing. Even as a collector of comics for many years I felt that this was a terrible way to start a new series, as the first few issues were so inconsistent, with a decent issue followed by a very poor issue, followed by a good issue. Anyway this issue kept the trend of inconsistency as it felt nothing like the previous issues. That being said it wasn't a terrible issue but miles away from being a good issue. If it wasn't for issue 2 being confusing throughout, I'd have said that this was the worst issue in the series so far, as it felt very rushed, and looked like Gillen just wanted to end the story.

    To anyone that's read my previous reviews for this Iron Man series, I'll probably be looking like a broken record whilst talking about Greg Land's art. As usual his work on the Iron Man Armour's is phenomenal, although I don't like the look of the upcoming Godkiller suit, but I'll talk more about that later on in my review. Land however still has the same flaws in his artwork, and that is the way he draws women, and facial expressions. No matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to love the way he draws women, as they all look similar, and always look glamorous (is there nor ugly women in Iron Man's world). There isn't much of an example of this in this issue, as Pepper Potts is the only woman to make a proper appearance, besides a women working for Eli, but again she also looks beautiful. Although I said Land isn't brilliant at facial expressions, he isn't terrible either. He does a fabulous job of showing a joyful, interested, or shocked Tony Stark, but whenever he draws someone smiling they always look awkward, and look like they're in some form of discomfort rather than happiness.

    What Eli's Doing with Extremis
    What Eli's Doing with Extremis

    There was yet another different use of the Extremis technology in this issue, and this time it was to make people walk on Mars without having to wear any form of space suit. It was revealed to be an ex friend of Tony's, named Eli that had in this case stolen the Extremis technology. Although possibly the most practical use for the Extremis technology throughout this storyline, it was also in my opinion the most boring use. It lead for a very uninteresting issue, and the only thing that made this story interesting was the interaction between Tony, and Eli. I did however like that Tony was trying his hardest to cut his old friend some slack, realising that it wasn't a bad thing he was doing with it, but realising that Eli having it, could lead to it getting into the wrong hands.

    Hostile Environment
    Hostile Environment

    Like with the previous issue this issue featured a new set of armour, or at least a modified set. It looks much the same as the normal set shown throughout the series, as well as Iron Man's appearances in other Marvel NOW! titles, but has a rocket pack on the back, and a different left arm, to neutralise Eli's attacks. Although not very imaginative, I actually liked this armour, and think it looked decent. The only thing I didn't like about this set of armour was the left arm, as it didn't look like it belonged there, and looked like a last minute attachment. Overall the simplistic nature of this armour was a good thing, as it making something extravagant may not have worked, like the other Godkiller armour, which was also featured in this issue, and what I will be talking about next.

    Godkiller Armour
    Godkiller Armour

    At the end of this issue it shows Iron Man donning another new set of armour, which will feature in the new story arc, Godkiller. I've enjoyed seeing a new set of armour in each issue, so far, and this has been the main thing I've liked about this series, but this new Godkiller armour, looks horrible. The only other set of armour I wasn't overly fond of during this series was the giant set of armour Iron Man used in Iron Man #4, but it wasn't as bad as this. Although it's a nice touch seeing the red and gold make a return, whether permanently, or just for this issue, or story arc, I would have still preferred something nicer. The only positive thing I can say about this armour is that it's unique, and although I don't like it I can appreciate Land's efforts.

    Final Verdict

    This was a very disappointing issue, and a disappointing way to end a storyline, which wasn't a proper story. I would only recommend this issue to anyone who's got the series so far, as otherwise it's not worth getting. If you are a new reader, and are wanting to try Iron Man, I would also recommend leaving this issue, and either getting the next story arc, or well established storyline's, like Demon In A Bottle. I personally am dropping this series now, but I hope that it gets better, and if the next story arc gets continuously good feedback then I might give the series another shot.

    Rating: 3/5

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