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It's one disaster after another! After reverting Happy Hogan back to his normal self, Tony Stark must face the Unicorn! Can the Invincible Iron Man defeat the Unicorn and his deadly horn?

Unconquered Is The Unicorn!

The issue begins with Tony Stark trying to revert The Freak back to Happy Hogan. Pepper Potts is aiding her boss in the process and prays that Happy will be alright. Her prayers come true as the process is successful and before their eyes The Freak transforms back to Happy Hogan. Meanwhile somewhere behind the Iron Curtain an almost reverse experiment is happening where Communist scientists are attempting to induce super strength into a brainwashed traitor. Using a Hyper-Activator, the subject is being placed in a permanent condition of enhanced strength and power but at the cost of a shortened life span. Thus The Unicorn is reborn. The scientists want to run tests but The Unicorn proves his strength by destroying a solid steel platform with his bare hands. The Unicorn is given his new improved uniform and immediately turns on his communist masters. It turns out the Hyper-Activator used to give him super strength also eroded the effects of the brainwashing. The Unicorn destroys the machine that gave him power so it can’t be used again and using his built in rockets flies away in search of someone who can reverse the life shortening effect of his new power.

Back at Stark Industries a cured Happy Hogan and a relieved Pepper Potts take their leave of a weary Tony Stark. Lost in his own thoughts Stark wonders whether being Iron Man is worth the tragedy it brings to his friends. Stark’s secretary Miss Greer reminds him of a scientific congress he is scheduled to appoint and again Stark wonders whether being The Golden Avenger is worth hindering the good work of Tony Stark. Meantime the news of the congress reaches the ears of The Unicorn in his secret European base where he decides one of the world renowned scientists attending must be able to cure him of life shortening illness… and those who can’t will be held hostage for ransom from their governments. The Congress gathers in an Alpine lodge and the world’s TV cameras are present. Tony Stark contemplates telling his secret to the world as he considers if one man can bare such a burden. But while Stark ponders the dilemma of his dual identity The Unicorn takes control of all the cameras in the conference room and bursts in through the roof. Unicorn’s plan is to televise his power to the world. First he seals the doors with a heat beam from his Unicorn’s Horn, then after protecting himself from the guards’ bullets with a force field he knocks them out with a stun ray. Finally he demolishes a stage with the full force of his beams.

The Unicorn turns to the cameras to make his ransom demands and we find out that Tony Stark was caught in the earlier blast. Stark was saved by his protective chest plate but the indestructible attaché case containing his armour was blown away from him and is lying near The Unicorn’s feet. Stark inches forward along the floor while Unicorn has his back turned making his demands. But the Hyper-Activator’s heightening effects have sharpened all The Unicorn’s senses including his hearing and he blasts Stark with a beam from his horn. Stark managed to jump away in time but the blast radius was enough to send him flying, making his body numb. Not giving up, the tenacious millionaire tries his luck again but once more his foe spots him and another blast follows. Unicorn makes an example of Stark in front of the cameras telling the world this is what will happen to any who defy him. Meantime Stark makes a desperate last lunge and reaches his attaché case. Once again he is seen and blasted by The Unicorn who uses a stronger beam this time, sending the playboy industrialist hurtling across the room. Stark is knocked out by the blast and Unicorn resumes addressing the camera. Moments later when the hero awakens, he uses the surrounding debris as cover to finally change into Iron Man.

Iron Man uses his power jets to streak full force at his foe, knocking both of them through a wall and onto the snowy mountain outside. This creates a hole for the kidnaped victims to escape. The Unicorn reveals he needs the scientists to find a cure for his life shortening illness and blasts The Golden Avenger with his horn. Iron Man steadies himself with his jets and uses his repulsors to stagger the villain while deciding in his mind that he must take full responsibility over the powers of Iron Man lest someone irresponsible like The Unicorn takes advantage. The hero attempts to negotiate The Unicorn’s surrender in exchange for helping him find a cure but the power mad villain refuses to give up his new found strength and sends another blast at Iron Man.

The super powered duo continue their battle on the mountain top until Iron Man is pinned down on the edge of a drop and The Unicorn sits on top of his foe continuing to blast him at point blank range. Iron Man withstands the blasts and rips Unicorn’s power belt away from his waist, crushing it in the process. This takes away the use of Unicorn’s blasts and force field leaving him with only his super strength. Iron Man tells tosses the belt down the cliff telling Unicorn again to submit. However the crazed villain dives after his belt jumping to his certain doom. Iron Man goes after him not knowing if Unicorn’s rockets still work without the power belt, but he finds nothing. Whilst returning back to the lodge the hero decides Tony Stark must carry the burden of being Iron Man alone.

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