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In the aftermath of his battle with the Demolisher, Tony Stark race against the clock to create a new suite complete with a new lasting battery to keep his heart from failing. But things get extremely complicated when the Freak appears.

The Issue begins with Iron Man saving some workers at the Uranus-12 Rocket construction site when there´s an accident and the rocket starts falling. Unfortunatly he overworks his armor, with its power levels already low from fighting the Demolisher, and his heart starts bothering him again.

He makes it to his office, ignoring Jasper Sitwell and Whitney Frost waiting in the hall, but once there he discovers he cannot disconnect the recharge cable as his heart is weaker then ever. To counter this Tony draws the blueprints for revisions to his armor, and then has Happy Hogan construct the new armor.

In the final stage of the construction, Happy overworks a Cobalt bombarder as he wants to hurry it up, as Tony´s chestplate is giving out due to overcharging. The bombarder explodes, bathing Happy in its energy, causing him to slowly change into the Freak. His transformation completes as he puts the new armor on an unconcsious Tony, who wakes up to see his friend change.

The Freak breaks through a wall, taking Pepper Potts with him. Iron Man catches up with the Freak atop a partially constructed building, where he has to defeat him so an Enervation Intensifier can be used to turn him back to Happy Hogan.

Finally The Freak is lured into a van where he is gassed unconscious and carried off to be treated.

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