Iron Man #226

    Iron Man » Iron Man #226 - Glitch released by Marvel on January 1, 1988.

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    An Air Force C-130 is attacked by a team of three villains who call themselves Raiders. The pilots are calling in a may day while the passengers are getting their firearms ready for an assault. While gathering their weapons, the fuselage is ripped open and the Raiders enter. Because of the loss of pressurization the aircraft is forced to dive.

    While the aircraft is diving the Raiders enter the aircraft and head for the cargo bay. Just as they begin unpacking some of the contents Iron Man shows up and puts a stop to their plans. He immediately is able to subdue one of the Raiders and permanently disables his suit. The next Raider heads for the cockpit and holds the captain hostage and threatens to kill him. Iron Man gives into his demands and leaves the aircraft. While he's on his way out, he contacts the pilot over his headset. He instructs him to duck when he says "duck". A few seconds after he leaves, he tells him to duck and comes crashing through the windshield knocking over the guy keeping him hostage. While the Raider is on the ground he disables his suit.

    Now the only one remaining jumps out of the aircraft and Iron Man gives chase. Iron Man caught up and was able to disable his suit mid-air and the Raider falls from the sky and stops about an inch from the ground. Iron Man saved the day again.

    After taking care of the Raiders Iron Man heads back for Stark Enterprises to rest. As soon as he's seen going into his office as Tony Stark, he is swarmed with employees. They all want his attention for something or other. He gets a call from Abe Zimmer and rushes out of the office leaving Mrs. Abogast to sort thing out. Rhodey and Tony are flying towards Accutech to see what Zimmer wanted. Zimmer brings to Tony's attention that one of the names have been erased from the list of possible technology thieves. He uses his secret clearance to log into the Avengers database to narrow down a list of possible suspects. One name sticks out in the list--Stingray.

    Rhodey and Tony leave Accutech and head back toward Stark Enterprises when Tony receives a yellow alert from the Avengers. Tony changes into Iron Man and heads for the West Coast Avengers hangout. When he arrives they begin questioning him about his recent "renegade" efforts to track down these criminals who stole his technology. They ask him to ease up and he leaves.

    On his way back, he stops at Rodeo Drive in California and pays Rae Lacoste a visit at the tennis club to burn off some steam. She questions him as to what he's been doing lately and brings up Iron Man. Tony changes the subject.

    At Rhode's place, he's in the middle of a date with Marcy Pearson who is trying to get Jimmy to set up a meeting with her and Iron Man. He refuses to use his relationship with Tony or Iron Man to set up the meeting. Marcy leaves upset.

    The next morning Rhodey and Tony are in the corporate aircraft flying for the East Coast Avengers building to question Stingray. Iron Man shows up and Stingray refuses to let him examine his armor and flees. Iron Man gives chase again and they head underwater. Stingray's much better equipped for underwater adventures so Iron Man is forced to use his brain. He suckers him and emits an electric shock to disable his suit. With Stingray stunned for a while, he begins the examination of his suit. He comes to the conclusion that he wasn't using any of Tony's technology in his suit and apologizes then leaves.

    Back at Stark Enterprises his employees are all in a hissy. Tony agrees to appease their cries and calls a press conference. In this press conference Tony Stark fires Iron Man and severs his association with Stark Enterprises


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