Iron Man #225

    Iron Man » Iron Man #225 - Stark Wars released by Marvel on December 1, 1987.

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    In the sky Iron Man is pursued by two singer missiles. He tricks them into colliding with each other and they explode. Shortly thereafter he notices three other missiles incoming and coming in quick. He manages to destroy them and lands on base. General was pleased with his performance and says that's enough practice for the up-and-coming charity event in the near future.

    Iron Man flys to catch up with Rhodey, the one who was recording the training exercise. They discuss the results and head out of the army base. Once they arrive back at Stark Enterprises, Tony starts to disassemble Force's armor to see how it works. During it's disassembly, he notices that some of the suit was manufactured by Stark Enterprises. Tony goes on a rampage and starts breaking stuff. After Rhodey arrives and is able to calm him down, Tony prints a list of all armored heroes for investigation. He wants to see if anyone else has been using his stolen technology.

    Tony heads to Barstow Electronics--a sub-division of Stark Enterprises--to interview Force who is in witness protection. He quizzes him as to where he got his armor. Force states that he designed some of the equipment himself but got the majority of it from Justin Hammer and his organization.

    Iron Man shows up at a new weapons demonstration back at the army base and destroys the tank by accident. The general is upset and states he will send the bill to Stark Enterprises.

    After the Army incident, Tony attends a movie premier with his close friend. On screen it shows a lot of killing and acts of terrorism. Tony takes this to heart and imagines how many people have been hurt because of his stolen technologies. He is upset and walks out of the movie, his date follows.

    Late at night and unable to sleep Tony calls Clayton (aka the former Force) and asks how many people he's killed using his suit. Force declines to answer and hangs up the phone. In the morning Tony takes the helicopter to Accutech to investigate how Hammer got his technology.

    Needing an expert electrician to help him in his search, he begins to search for Scott Lang. It just so happens that on the same day he received a letter from him and goes to his house to talk. He convinces Scott Lang to help tony investigate Hammer Industries. The next evening Iron Man and Scott Lang (Tony doesn't know Scott is Ant-Man) break into hammer industries looking for clues. They download some data on a disk and leave.

    Back at the mansion they insert the disk to read any saved data. While sifting through the files they learn that it was Spymaster who stole their technology but they can't question him as he's dead. Tony gets his legal team on this investigation to see if they can do anything legally to hammer for stealing his information. Later that night Stilt-Man tries to break into Stark Enterprises but is stopped by Iron Man.

    Iron Man and Rhodey go around looking for his technology from superheroes. They take it from Stilt-Man and Mauler and are on the hunt for more. He gets a reading on another of his electronic signatures and assumes it's the Controller. He sets off to investigate it's whereabouts. He finds Controller and neutralizes his armor then leaves for the mansion.


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