Iron Man #224

    Iron Man » Iron Man #224 - Low Noon! released by Marvel on November 1, 1987.

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    They once were sworn enemies, but now the Force and Iron Man are sworn allies against common foe, Justin Hammer. Hammer is filled with wrath and has a new team of super villains ready to do his bidding.

    In LAPD jail cell, Force is still trying to escape the attack by Blizzard, Backlash, and Beetle. The L.A. Police officers are struggling to subdue the criminals and save Force from harm. Rhodey hears the commotion from the street and tries to help. Rhodey hops in a light tank and comes crashing in the wall. Force and Tony jump inside and they make their getaway into the underground parking lot. Tony hops out and runs back toward the fight carrying his Iron Man armor in the briefcase. Meanwhile, Rhodey takes Clayton back to Start Enterprises for safe keeping.

    Just as Tony arrives he witnesses the criminals escaping in an ariel vehicle and realizes it's too late to attempt capture. He gets chewed out by the police chief for kidnapping a prisoner, breaking into the police department, and causing all the damage. Tony gets his one phone call who he places to the mayor of Los Angeles.

    Back at Hammer's place, Blizzard, Backlash, and Beetle are answering to Justin Hammer for their failure. Hammer informs them that they're going to have one more chance at Force before he "dismisses" each of them.

    Elsewhere, in a suburb of Los Angeles, there's a new arrival in town. Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) is unpacking his boxes and getting everything situated.

    Tony Stark places a call into LAPD to request extra security at his newly acquired 'gunshot gulch' amusement park. He does this as a diversion for Hammer's goons--knowing the LAPD has a mole inside. Sure enough they take the bait and send the fab three to investigate. Blizzard, Beetle, and Backlash show up looking for Force at Gunshot Gulch.

    Iron Man shows up and starts fighting all three together. This gives Force the distraction he's looking for and comes to Iron Man's aide. They get in a scuffle and separate. Rhodey, Iron Man, and Force split up looking for the villains in the town. Iron Man finds Beetle, Rhodey finds Backlash, and Force finds Blizzard. Each hero beats the villian and they escape.


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