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The secret of Bethany Cabe revealed! The fate of Tony Stark determined! And, the Masque seeks revenge.

After last issue's battle between Iron Man and Obadiah Stane, the Stane's Industry are falling, and Happy Hoga, Pepper Potts and Miss Arbogast are trapped inside. The Iron Man remembers about them and rescue them at last. In another chamber Madame Masque awakes but feels strange about her body and after a explosion Iron Man saves her also. Then an AIM ship appears and save Dr. Atlanta and vanishes.

Bethany Cabe ask to be alone with Iron Man but then Madame Mask attacks her saying Cabe isn't who she says, but no one believes her. In another place, at an AIM base under the sea, Yorgon Tykkio is with Dr. Atlanta ordering an attack to the West Coast Avengers compound.

Madame Mask escapes from prison.

Hawkeye, Mockinbird and Tigra are under a heavy attack from AIM's ships but Iron Man arrives to help them. At the end Tony Stark decides he is going back to the Avengers full time.

At LA airport, Bethany Cabe buys a gun to kill Tony Stark.


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