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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Well as we all know from the 50's to the 90's everything in the realm of Science Fiction was absolutely insane bullshit.....But god if it wasn't utterly Amazing. During this crazy age in the world of media we got of the greatest films and Characters ever to grace comics and the Silver screen and the comic media like Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and Star trek but for us comic nerds I think none were as relevant or as interesting as that high tech alcoholic Iron Man....Now I ask why on earth would you give the man who could drink Homer Simpson under table a multi-million dollar death machine? I guess cause he's even better at what he does when he's wasted. Now for every great hero there's an equally great villain Batman had the Joker. Spider-man had The Green Goblin and Iron man had the Iron Monger now some of you will disagree with me and say the Mandarin is Iron man's top Villain but I disagree Stane's family has been a bigger pain in the ass then the Mandarin any day of the week and in the issue I'm about to review Obadiah Stane as he takes his final bow on the Great Stage of Life with his first and only appearance as the Anti-Tin Man himself the Iron Monger!
        Now the cover of this comic isn't anything as iconic as Daredevil #181 or Amazing Spider-man #1 but it does the job and gives us a pretty obvious idea of whats about to happen and if you guess Iron man and the Iron Monger going toe to toe NO FUCKING SHIT!!!!! So the story continues from the last issue Stane has kidnapped Iron man's friends to use as leverage against Stark instead of killing them because he rather see Tony in the gutter than dead......What? Are Villains just retarded or something? cause something tells me its a waaay better decision to kill your enemies rather than let them live cause when you let them live they can come back to bite you in the ass it's been proven time and time again with both heroes and villains alike but I guess you got to learn that the hard way and nobody learns this lesson harder than Stane who after a long battle with Iron man actually kills himself because he doesn't want to give Tony Stark the satisfaction of beating him....Okay I take it back Mandarin is Iron Mans top villain this guy's a pussy who doesn't know how to accept failure sure he's a good strategist but that's no substitute for having a pair of balls and being able to get back up after being knocked down every other hero and villain out there has been able to do that but this guy has disgraced them by taking the cowards way out. Now aside from the cowards action taken Stane this was still a very good issue a great fight with lots of excellent dialog between Stane and Iron Man as they fought and the art is a step toward the future art of the 90's except you know....Good and not complete and utter garbage . 
         I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this tale of the Tin man get's the Stamp of Approval see ya next time. 
Iron Man #200

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