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Better Than I Thought...

Obnoxious banner on the top and very typical stance aside, it's not a bad cover.  It seems a lot of Marvel characters are getting redesigned; first Iron Fist, then Hercules and now War Machine. 
The Good: 
Spencer manages to write characters that I know absolutely nothing about and make them intriguing enough to where I'd like to go back and read more about them.  I am also very happy with the outcome, just wish I knew where this story is actually going to continue since it's not very clear where that will be taking place.  All in all, it was a very nice tie-in mini-arc, though I cannot say that it was necessary.  I guess in due time we shall know.  One last thing, the more and more I look at the new look of WM, the more I like it.  It seems that it's growing on me, and it was nice to see some of its abilities finally displayed in this issue. 
The Bad: 
This, as many have noted, interrupts what was beginning to be a nice flow to this series.  The Palmer Addley stuff was intriguing, but being forced to write something like this (for it seems it was forced since the previous arc wasn't fully finished at the time this arc started) was a bad move.  I know of at least two people who dropped the series altogether because of Fear Itself and know none that actually picked it up.  I'm also displeased that the conclusion to the first arc is going to be in the 7.1 issue.  Those issues were meant to be great jumping on points (and for the most part, they seem to be stand-alone).  That's not the case here since it seems as though it would probably be beneficial for me to pick it up if I want to know what the hell happened with Palmer Addley.  I don't care for the .1's but now I'm being forced to pick it up.  Also, I don't think the conclusion of an arc is a great jumping on point, so the initial intentions of .1 baffle me. 
This is a pretty good story arc and the final installment presented here, while not particularly mind-blowing, was not altogether bad.  I did enjoy this issue, but I would sadly recommend it as a borrow; nothing intriguing enough to where you'd want to spend $3 on it.

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