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Not As Impactful As It Could've Been...

Pretty cool actually, but I'm thinking these hammers are a little overpowered.  I'm still not a big fan of the plain text and the monotonous colors of the giant Fear Itself banners, kinda ruins the cover, in my opinion. 
The Good: 
The art portions of the actual storyline (not the prologue/epilogue) was amazing.  I really like it, even if some of the characters have weird expressions.  The story wasn't all that bad, but it felt a little flat (more on that below).  The art in this issue is what really did it for me. 
The Bad: 
First of all, the fight scenes weren't really that impressive, which is sad because the art could've certainly carried some awesome panels.  Second of all, this wasn't as impactful as it should've been because the character who is acquiring their hammer here was already shown carrying this hammer in a comic that came out last week.  Hence, it sort of makes this issue irrelevant and just downright late.  Poor coordination and a huge error in release schedules kind of ruined the issue.  Thirdly, this issue is way more about everyone else except for War Machine.  I'm purchasing a War Machine comic, which means I would like to see what he's got to offer... not Iron Fist and his gang (I don't dislike Rand; I'm a big fan, just felt it was overdone here).   
If the art wasn't as solid as it was throughout the main course of the issue, I would've really docked this one a few more stars due to very poor planning from the creators over at Marvel.  It is a nice tie-in, but loses its flare due to the order at which the material within the Fear Itself arc has been presented lately. 

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