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War Machine 2.0


Very fitting considering what happened last issue.  It wasn't until I picked it up today that I noticed the backdrop too, very cool.

The Good:

I like how Spencer took two issues to ease in a new direction for War Machine.  It doesn't really seem forced, so it works here.  Pepper in this issue rocks all kinds of coolness, and I love how Spencer really gets how Rhodey and Tony talk to each other.  We know they're friends, but the dialogue here shows us that they're also brothers at heart.  

The Bad:

Most fans of War Machine will probably not be pleased with the new "direction" that Spencer will be taking the character.  There are some changes for the character here that are pretty big for the character.  Personally, I don't know yet how to feel about it; maybe I should sleep on it.  I wasn't displeased with how it was handled, but the end result doesn't really work altogether for me yet.  Maybe next issue when we begin to see how things develop, then maybe I can make my decision. 


It was really difficult to describe this issue without giving anything away.  Hopefully after you read it, you can reread my review and see what it is that I'm referring to.  Let me know what you think, I think this is one topic that should get a lot of discussion.  Solid issue, but not sure where to stand on the changes.  


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