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OK so a lot of people saw Iron Man and a lot of people liked in fact it actually ended up making a ton of money at the box office which was well half the reason that they were able to come back and be able to make a second one and I gotta tell ya this movie is great. First of this review won't spoil anything you don't already know from the trailers. Ok so Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow return to their roles and they do a great job possibly better than the 1st , Don cheadle plays Rhodey Rhodes and I gotta say he fits the character a whole heap better than Terrence Howard did. We also have a few new characters like Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer who well does a fairly good performance as a rival of Tony Stark , then we have Mickey Rourke as whiplash who does a good job of making a believable villain and a complex character. The overall cast of this movie is excellent and the acting is pulled of quite well. The story has a very similar tone to the 1st which made me happy and also relieving to not be watching a completely dark movie instead it has a lighter feel yet a really great story which I don't want to give away. Also another thing I picked up on was there was a lot more action and humor and even more romance so basically just more altogether. Oh and one thing I forgot to say was the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper gets so much better in this movie. This movie I found to be extremely enjoyable, funny lots of action adventure a plot that keeps you interested and characters that make you care for them. This movie gets a 4.5/5. Thanks for reading.

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