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    What happened?

    I'm just going to be honest. I don't like this series so far. Sure it's only the second issue (in a month), but still it's two bad issues.

    The first issue set up a storyline that was done before with Matt Fraction's run on the series. The art was not good (I didn't realize that was Tony Stark at first), but the Iron Man suit was cool.

    Here we get a story were Tony goes off to the island of New Camelot and fights a bunch of guys named after knights.

    I thought this was dull, and uninteresting. The last series was in my opinion the definitive run on Iron Man. Instead of doing what Rick Remender is doing on Captain America and going in a new direction, we are getting the same old stuff from Kieron Gillen. It feels like it's a larger scale, but it has no soul. It's dull, and disappointing. The only saving grace is the new Iron Man suit.

    The art sucks, and the thickness of Tony's mustache changes from panel to panel. One panel it will look normal, then he has John Waters thing going, then he looks like Prince's body double.

    Please let this book turn around. If this was DC we would get a new writer and artist by issue 7.


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      Being to hard on what? This book. I read a few reviews before going in to see what the general mindset on the issue was and I see folks upset. Most folks are referring to how great Fraction`s run was, but I disagree. I was never a fan of his Iron Man, but that isn't why you're reading this, if you are at all, so let's get to it.Issue 2 of Iron Man is a strong issue with a great story, but it does have weak points. Kinks in the armor, no pun intended. I'm not sure about anyone else but I was a ta...

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