Iron Man #11

    Iron Man » Iron Man #11 - Schedule Conflicts released by Marvel on December 1998.

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    Tony’s still recuperating, but the threats against Iron Man persist. Why is War Machine attacking Stark? And what unkind words will Warbird have for Iron Man?

    Tony finds himself surrounded by numerous foes. He is in his armor, but even that seems not quite enough to save him. As his enemies gain upon him, Tony feels darkness coming upon him. He sees Mandarin laughing at his defenselessness. Suddenly, Tony wakes up from his nightmare. He finds himself dozing in his chopper. Rhodey calls him and shows him his new home on Evergreen Island, east of Seattle.

    Tony’s new house is well equipped. Complete with secret lab, helipad, swimming pool and other numerous facilities, this is the home tony had been planning for years. As he comes down from the helicopter, Pepper and Happy greet him. They go into the house and are met by Dr. Jane Foster. She was called by Black Widow to help Tony heal, with the warning that exposing his secret would cost her her life. Tony is glad to have her watching over him. She shows him a CGI of his damaged body, warning him against straining himself. Tony says that he can make do with paperwork.

    Elsewhere, inside Baintronics Inc., Sunset Bain is overseeing the testing of new weaponry. She gets a message that Stark Solutions has ignored her request for a consultation. She plans to have her revenge. She issues orders to a certain employee to get a project ready.

    Elsewhere, Warbird sails over the city of Seattle, before coming down and changing into Carol Danvers. She has an appointment with a Tracy Burke, a friend and publisher. Tracy says that the science fiction manuscripts that Carol had given her were very exciting. Tracy says that she can rig up Carol with some top publishers. Carol is excited and calls for a drink. Tracy says that she doesn’t drink anymore.

    Suddenly, Carol’s attention is diverted. She sees Tony outside and goes to meet him. When Carol tells him to stay out of her way, Tony is taken aback and says that he is up to no such thing. Carol doesn’t listen however, and flies away.

    Tony, Happy and Pepper go over to the Seattle police station. The detective shows him a body. Tony is shocked. He recognizes the body as that of Whitney Frost a.k.a. Madame Masque. As Tony thinks of his past days with Whitney, he realizes that their love was never meant to be. Whitney hated him for not saving her father, Count Nefaria. She died afterwards, but that was long ago.

    Tony is interrupted by a call from Rhodey. He transmits a live footage of War Machine attacking the Astrodyne Systems Plant. Tony goes outside. Pepper warns him about his frail health. Tony says that duty calls. Within seconds, he soars above the skyline as Iron Man. Happy watches Pepper, and thinks that she may not be regarding him anymore.

    War Machine is interrupted as Iron Man rams into him. But Tony is in no shape to fignt. War Machine scores hits easily, and Tony tries his best to defend himself. War Machine defeats Iron Man easily.

    Elsewhere, as Rhodey and Dr. Foster watch the footage, Rhodey suddenly recognizes War Machine’s voice. He knows the man from his past.

    As War Machine watches the broken Iron Man, he is suddenly hit from behind by Warbird. He changes his target, but Warbird is too fast for him. Sensing danger, War Machine distracts her and picks up the limp form of Iron Man, threatening that if she doesn’t cease her attack, he will hurl Iron Man to his death.


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