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In the last issue, Iron Man and Rebel broke into Hydra's base and defeated Madame Hydra and Mandarin. Iron Man collapsed after exhausting all of his armor's power supply. Suddenly Dr. Doom appeared and congratulated Rebel before proclaiming himself as the sole founding member of Hydra.

Now Dr. Doom asks Rebel to strip Iron Man of his armor, so that Doom may put the spare parts to use. Doom adds that he was the one who gave Russia their Titanuim Man years ago. With that, he walks away.

It is revealed that Rebel and Tony switched their armors before attacking Hydra. Rebel has succeeded in becoming a hero. Tony vows to avenge his death. He gets into his own armor and flings a doombot before Dr. Doom, challenging him to a fight. While they struggle, Doom accidentally hits the activation switch of the


. The time transportation energy engulfs both of them. Doom realizes what is happening, but he is too late. They disappear.

Time jolt 1: One year ago. Tony and Doom have the chance to witness the battle against Onslaught. They disappear immediately afterwards.

Time jolt 2: Years ago. Doom materializes before the Avengers. Hulk catches him in his grip. Tony comes face to face with his own self in a vintage armor. Later, both of them disappear.

Time jolt 3: Hundreds of years ago. Doom and Tony materialize onboard a ship. Tony's armor starts to run on reserve power. He sees Ben Grimm as the pirate Bluebeard. Doom attacks Ben. Ben flings him upon Iron Man and they both disappear.

Time jolt 4: One thousand years ago. Camelot. Tony and Doom finds themselves inside a sandclock. They see Merlin, who warns them that their existence is tearing the timestream of the universe. He adds that his mighty spells might right the wrong. He says that only time holds the key. They disappear.

Time jolt 5: Two thousand years ago. Egypt. Doom and Iron Man materialize before the mighty Pharaoh, Rama-Tut. Rama's speech to Doom carries a hint that he knows him from a very young age. Iron Man's armor gives him warning of power depletion. They disappear.

Time jolt 6: One million years B.C. Doom and Tony find the Air-Walker creating life and civilization. Doom starts disappearing and realizes that the chance to learn about the origin of life on Earth has slipped from his grasp. Tony's armor is on the verge of shut-down. They disappear.

Time jolt 7: Present. Latveria. Doom sees Tony's armor on the verge of shutdown and leaves him. He asks him to carry Rebel's body away.

Later, Tony is recounting his recent time travel to Reed Richards. Reed exclaims that they too have had a similar experience recently. He things that these events might be linked with their lives. Suddenly, the Watcher appears. He warns them of Galactus' approach. He tells that heroes will be reuniting to fight off the evil. With his departure, enter the new team of Hulkbusters: She-Hulk, Hulk and Dr. Samson.


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