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A fun issue

This might the first issue I have read from an Iron Man series (I know I've read some Iron Man, but they escape me), but whatever the case I hope you dear readers understand that this review comes from a person who doesn't really read that many Iron Man stories.

The Good

Even without the little knowledge I know about Tony Stark from dealing with the wiki so much (I won't claim to know anything from watching the movies because those don't count), I was able to keep up with this issue. It was a nice issue to read because it didn't require me to know anything previously about the character. I like that. Its not often that I'm impressed with a series just by the first issue. I walked in expecting a nice little read which would fill my time till I waited on getting my current ongoing series from the comic book store, but just within a few pages I was actually enjoying reading this issue.

The cover says $2.99, but with all the stuff they put in this issue I think they could have charged a little more (not that I paid the full price when I got this issue on a whim). This series probably continues from his previous appearances, but you wouldn't need to know that to read this. It spares a page or so to remind the reader how Tony Stark became Iron Man, but that is not the focus of this issue which is very cool. Instead, the readers are introduced (or reintroduced I suppose) to the cast of characters who make up the Iron Man and Marvel universe who are connected to either Iron Man or Tony Stark. If I had never read Marvel comics or comics in general and never once read a wiki article, I still could have gone through the issue and say, "oh cool! thats suchandsuch character! I remember him/her from thisorthat movie or tv show!"

Another good thing I could say about this issue is that it fights the cliched male-protagonist action adventure stories. It has charm which is something I think a lot of even current series lack. There is violence, but it is not thoughtless or without purpose. And even better is that every action in this comic has a reaction. Tony Stark in this issue does not fit the action hero mold because he does not hide his feelings and thoughts from us the readers. It is interesting to see into his head along with dashes of his humor because that is entertainment.

The Bad

Like I have stressed, I don't remember the last Iron Man series I read (I know I have read a trades worth of the Ultimate Iron Man series and seems to me I've read Iron Man at some point but I don't remember much about the latter), so I would be a terrible person to ask if this is an accurate portrayal of Iron Man. As far as I know, this issue could be the most reviled portrayal of Iron Man ever but I didn't see anything I could see that would suggest to me that it is bad (though I have this sinking feeling like some user is going come and see my review and say, "are you serious? that issue was terrible! why would you rate it so high?" But like I have said, I am not expert and this non-expert enjoyed it.

The one improvement I can think of is the beginning. I would have liked a little bit more info on where Tony was before he returned. That wasn't as clear. I'm sure someone could come in and say he was fighting X character in Y arc and Z happened, but all I am saying is that I would have liked more info in the issue. However, I did like the way they did the introduction without the whole "previously on...Iron Man!" thing. they integrated that into the story, which was cool. oh, right! bad stuff...can't think of anything more....


As far as I can tell this is a good issue. The art is appealing (love all the colors and the shading is nice). The dialogue is entertaining and so is the writing. Just by reading this one issue I want to read more and I may just do that. I leave it for you the reader to make your own conclusions about this issue or series (if it good or whatever), but I was entertained and that is what matters to me.

However, no matter what you say about this issue or series, you cannot deny that this is awesome:

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