Iron Man #1

    Iron Man » Iron Man #1 - Alone Against A.I.M.!: The Origin of Iron Man released by Marvel on May 1968.

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    It's the big Premiere! The Invincible Iron Man versus the menaces of Whiplash and AIM. Featuring Nick Fury and SHIELD.

    Alone Against A.I.M.!


    Continues from Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1.

    Iron Man is captured by A.I.M using a suction beam and trapped in a submarine by orders of Mordius. Meanwhile A.I.M. soldiers are gloating about how they have sunk the Maggia’s gambling ship and destroyed their leadership. The Golden Avenger is knocked out by gas while back on the sinking Maggia ship Jasper Sitwell is evacuating the passengers. Sitwell stumbles upon Whitney Frost whom he recognises from Stark Industries as one of Tony’s admirers. Sitwell rescues Frost and they are taken aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter where Nick Fury awaits. When alone Frost reveals herself to be the Big M, leader of the Maggia, and her plan to use Sitwell to learn the secrets of Stark Industries.

    Elsewhere Iron Man is brought to A.I.M.’s secret island headquarters for Mordius to experiment on. Mordius is vying to become the new leader of A.I.M. and thinks defeating Iron Man and copying his armour will allow him to do this. Iron Man is strapped in an X-ray photo chamber where the secrets of his armour are copied and duplicates made instantly in another machine. 3 replica Iron Man suits are made for Mordius’ henchmen but as soon as they put these on Iron Man breaks free! The oxygen supply in his suit had kept him conscious all this time and he was faking to learn A.I.M.'s plans. Immediately the hero destroys the duplicating machine preventing Mordius from creating further copies. Now the Golden Avenger finds himself trapped inside A.I.M.’s headquarters where he must battle a trio of Iron Men!

    Unfortunately for Modius his henchmen aren't able to control the powers within the suit and start inadvertently destroying his lab. Thus the Iron Henchmen attack on foot but Stark's superior skill soon allows him to overwhelm the trio. The battle causes a fire in the lab and in the confusion Mordius manages to fire a rocket cannon at the four men of iron, willingly destroying his loyal men to kill Iron Man. However the real Avenger escapes the explosion by ducking in the generator room where he manages to reroute the circuits. Iron Man escapes as the alarm sounds and due to his tampering, when Mordius attempts to fix the generators he causes a critical overload thus blowing himself and the entire island to oblivion!

    The Origin of Iron Man

    A retelling of Iron Man's origin from Tales of Suspense #39.

    In March 1963, within a secluded section of the U.S. defense perimeter in Vietnam, billionaire weapons manufacturer Tony Stark is assisting the war effort by unveiling his new miniature transistor powered technologies to the U.S. Forces. As fate would have it, while walking towards the test site for his new inventions Stark sets off a tripwire and the explosion leaves Stark fatally injured when a shrapnel pierces his heart. Stark is then kidnapped by the red tyrant Wong-Chu, who forces Tony to spend his last days building weapons for his Communist army.

    The dying inventor is imprisoned with famous Chinese doctor Ho Yinsen and instead of building weapons for the red terrorists the two begin working on an iron suit that will not only extend Tony's life, but also perform amazing feats of power allowing the captives to escape. While the two inventors are charging the iron suit for its first use, Wong-Chu's guards go to check on their captives and Yinsen sacrifices his life by distracting the guards to buy Stark more time. The ploy is successful and Tony Stark dons the suit to become The Invincible Iron Man.


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