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    Iron Fist: The Living Weapon Issue 1

    I picked up this comic because of a few reasons. One being because I'm fairly new to the Marvel scene. Two, I do not like starting off in the middle of stories, and three is that this was a recommended reading. And let me say that I am glad that the Iron Fist was created.

    I picked up the second printing of this comic and I am fairly impressed by the cover art! I mean who knew a White male with a bandana covering half of his face could be so initimidating, but the artist truely drew out the feel of the Iron fist, and I didn't even know who he was yet! After I was done drooling over the front page, I decided to dive into the first page. "I'm diggin' this already." As you go on to read about his back story, you get a feel for his dark demenor of his soul. The panels flip back and fourth from a classic display of story to a modern dark expression of the character attitude. It draws you in deeper and deeper until the action comes breaking out of a glass window. Literally! As this man craves the fight, he unleashes a wild tempest of limbs and chi! This action scene does not make you think he is just a mear man, but a weapon of death and fury!

    As the action slows down, the adreneline decline is met with some comedy and some back story, and with a dramatic cliff hanger; well fall i should say, the issue comes to an end. Thus leaving me in a dazed state wondering why the pages stopped turning!

    So to sum it all up!

    Art- 5/5

    Story- 5/5

    Character- 5/5

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      Not much to say about Rage: Part One. It was, for the most part, the bland whining of a character I consider to be, for the most part, uninteresting, and frankly I had a hard time caring enough to finish the comic. The art looked rather strange and somewhat distorted, but the colours were nice, at least.What I did like was the segments that discussed Danny's childhood trip with his parents, specifically the moment before his father fell (to his death?). Sure, it was horribly angsty, but at least...

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