Iron Aron Abromowitz

    Character » Iron Aron Abromowitz appears in 10 issues.

    Renegade Mossad agent and former member of Shiva's Circle of Six.

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    Known History

    In his youth he was a member of the Israel secret service known as the Mossad. There he rose in the ranks quickly as he was extremely adept in the martial arts. Soon he had learned all their secrets and became bored with them. Thus he went renegade and went into the underground. There his skill brought him to the attention of Lady Shiva. After she humbled him through defeat she brought him together with other martial artist and dubbed them the Circle of Six.
    Together they clashed with Richard Dragon, Nightwing and Bronze Tiger. After Shiva took over the Tokyo underground he was defeated by Richard Dragon and almost killed. He was taken into police custody and has not been seen since.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height :



    : 210 pounds

    Hair Color:


    Eye color:


    Skills and abilities

    He  is a master of Krav Maga which was developed by the Israel army. It's stength lies in its ability to crush bone, split flesh and tear muscle. it is intended to kill and nothing else.

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