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Irina Shidou is a young woman who appeared with Xenovia, tasked by the Church to retrieve the missing Excalibur s. It is revieled that she is Issei's childhood friend, though he confused her for a boy then.

Irina is a devout Christian, even after the Kokabiel incident and learning that God is dead, she still remain with the Church and serves as Arch Angel Michale's peerage with the rank of Ace of Spades.


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Irina Shidou is Hyoudou Issei's childhood friend so one could say that they are the same age. She has long light brown hair reaching down to thigh which is tied at both side (Twin-tails held with a blue scrunchy). Her eyes are colored violet.

She wears the standard tight fitting Church battle outfit, after transferring to Kuoh Academy and staying at Hyoudou Issei's house, she starts to wear the Kuoh Academy uniform with the addition of white sneakers with blue accents and black tights under her skirt.

After she was turned into an angle as part of Arch Angel Michael peerage, the letter "A" is printed in her right hand symbolizing her rank as "Ace".


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Irina have a cheery and upbeat personality. She looks at everything in a positive manner to a fault. She is also a very devout christian. As a follower of her faith, she is inflexible and harsh to those who she thinks are against her faith. This is shown as the way she treated Asia after converting into a devil, the same could be expressed when Xenovia, her former partner also changed sides.

After she learned that God is dead, she shift her faith to Arch Angel Michael as he is the one who continued God's original work.

Power and Abilities

Agent of the Church

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Irina, like Xenovia is a wielder of one of the Seven Excaliburs, Excalibur Mimic. This Excalibur can change into different shapes as the user desires making it a very versatile weapon. However, her weapon was stolen by Freed Sellzen upon her defeat at the order of the Fallen Angel General Kokabiel and was fused along with three stolen Excaliburs by Valper Galilei.


After Irina was converted into an angel, she gains the ability to project light based weapons such as a sword and a bow. She was also given a prototype of the Holy Demonic Sword based on the weapon used by Yuuto Kiba. Later, she was able to infused the sword with elemental attributes such as fire and ice.


  • Irina' Birthday is September 29.

Media Appearance

Video Games

High School DXD 3DS "Erotic Battle Adventure Game"


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