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    Irezumi is Japanese man whose tattoos adapted other forms, he can absorb and redirect their energy.

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    Irezumi of the Pacific Overlords.
    Irezumi of the Pacific Overlords.

    Irezumi whose name means tattoo in our language is a member of the Pacific Overlords created by Dr. Demonicus. Irezumi would come into conflict with members of the West Coast Avengers when they go to Japan to investigate the Hasanuma Electronics company for selling some equipment to Dr. Douglas Birely, better known as Dr. Demonicus. Irezumi and members of the Yakuza assassinate Hiroshi Anami in front of the the Avengers which leads into a brief battle. Irezumi takes down Iron Man and the Wasp with his unique powers. Tigra gets a deep cut from the fight but manages to escape from Irezumi to get help. The West Coast Avengers eventually defeat Dr. Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords.

    The Pacific Overlords would reappear a few years later with Dr. Demonicus when he tries to establish his own nation he called Demonica. Dr. Demonicus wanted his island nation to be a theocracy and dedicated to the worship of a demon called Raksasa. This leads into another conflict with the West Coast Avengers. Irezumi would be taken down by Morning Star and Klaw when they betray Dr. Demonicus in order to prevent him from summoning Raksasa through a magical gateway. Most of the Pacific Overlords including Irezumi appear to get buried under a landslide with Dr. Demonicus and whether he was killed or not remains to be seen.


    Irezumi was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Dave Ross in 1991 and first appeared in Avengers West Coast # 72.

    Powers & Abilities

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    Irezumi got his powers when he was mutated by Dr. Demonicus's lifestone. Irezumi's tattoos capture the essence of those whom they depict at close range and return that essence multiplied by a factor of two or three. The tattoos on his body would move and place the image of his enemies on his body allowing Irezumi to neutralize any power hurled against him. Irezumi can absorb various forms of energy and redirect that energy in a form of concussive blasts back to his enemy.


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