Irene Merryweather

    Character » Irene Merryweather appears in 308 issues.

    A journalist and long-time friend and ally of the mutant known as Cable. Due to Cable's friendship with Deadpool, Irene also became friends with him.

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    Irene always wanted to be a serious reporter working for the Daily Bugle, but she got stuck working for the tabloid The Inquiring Eye. When asked by her editor to investigate Sebastian Shaw and the Hellfire Club, Irene gets drawn into a conspiracy to kill Cable. Irene returns to her office, but finds her co-workers killed by Hellfire Club agents, who attempt to kill her. Cable appears and saves her. He tells Irene that he is from the future and hires Irene to be his chronicler. Cable wants Irene to write down his life so that other people may know about him and his missions, should he get killed. Irene accepts, but soon finds out that working with Cable is not easy.


    Irene Merryweather was created by James Robinson and José Ladrönn and first appeared in Cable Vol.1 issue 48 (1997).

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining Cable

     Irene Merryweather
    Irene Merryweather

    Cable leaves her behind in Switzerland, when he feels that his mission endangers her and she has to return to New York City on her own. Over the next few months, Irene and Cable become close friends, though she often disagrees with him and calls him on bad decisions. Working for Cable, she also is a witness to many incredible events and lands a job as a reporter for the Daily Bugle by writing about them. During this time, Irene investigates the history of the Hellfire Club and Sebastian Shaw offers her a place in the Hellfire Club in return for her silence. Irene refuses.

    When Cable renames himself Soldier X and disappears, Irene starts to worry about him. Her work suffers as a result, but one year later she receives a message from him. He sends her his diaries and confides in her.


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    When he returns as Cable, she interviews the would-be mutant Messiah. She thinks Cable's power is getting to his head and calls him on it, even bringing a gun to her office to protect herself from him, should he go insane. When Cable secretly uses a virus to turn everybody on Earth pink, only to publicly restore them later to normal, he is lauded as a hero. Irene is fired though for bringing a gun to work. Without a job, Irene moves to Providence, an island-state created by Cable to be an utopia. She takes over administrative duties in the city and basically runs the whole city when Cable is on his missions. Irene even learns to put up with Deadpool, Cable's new associate, who often expresses a romantic interest in her. She doesn't return his feelings, seeing Deadpool as an idiot.

    Irene and Deadpool

    After the destruction of Providence by the Hetacomb, she is attacked by Sabertooth within the ruins of the island but is rescued by the timely intervention of Deadpool, leaving the island before it detonates. She later reappears in the final issue of Cable and Deadpool during a symbiote-dinosaur attack on New York.


    Irene is seen once more during the wedding of Deadpool. She has not been seen since. In Despicable Deadpool#292 Stryfe forces Deadpool to kill Irene by holding hostage Deadpool's daughter and his daughter's adopted family. Irene is killed at her new job, the Daily Globe newspaper.

    In Cable #1, 2024, it is revealed Cable used time travel to save Irene's life from that situation.


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