Character » Iota appears in 30 issues.

    Member of the Shadow Cabinet with kleptomania. She would later join the group called Heroes.

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    Milestone Origin

    Isadora Wellington-Smythe was an Australian scientist who, in a lab accident, gained the ability to shrink herself and objects. While in gaining this ability, the initial experiment also apparently killed her husband. Suffering from kleptomania, Iota despite being a rich woman turned to a life of crime by becoming a high-class thief. She would later be picked up for the Shadow Cabinet. Then form the group Heroes with other run-away members of the cabinet. 
    During the Heroes comics, Iota would re-encounter her husband who actually survived the experiment. He was ripped into an alien dimension where he was transformed. Their reunion ended with Iota returning to her world, and her husband gaining command of his new dimension. The portal between both worlds was permanently sealed.


    After DC Merge

    After the merge of Dakotaverse and the DCverse, Iota is seen as a member of the Shadow Cabinet once again.


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