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    Kyo Kusanagi's rival whose family is one of the three clans that sealed Orochi. He was introduced in The King of Fighters '95. He possess the "Riot Of Blood" coming from the power of Orochi.

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    Long ago, there was a legendary snake entity named Orochi, who was the guardian of nature. He created eight strongest warriors known as Hakkesshu. But as humanity began to grow, humans caused destruction and the balanced began to crumble.

    1800 years ago, Orochi can no longer tolerate man's insolence and decided to wipe humanity from the face of earth. His clan and the human race wage war until three human clans, the Kusanagi, Yasakani and Yata, defeated and sealed him.

    660 years before King of Fighters (KoF), Orochi's seal began to weaken. The three clan decided to move it's vessel into another location. Wanting to release Orochi, one of the Hakkesshu killed the Yasakani's wife to cause turmoil and distrust to the three clan. Under a disguise, the Hakkesshu approached the Yasakani head and informed them that it was the Kusanagi who murdered his wife as "attonement" for letting the seal get weak, then to fan the fire, the wife's corpse was found on the Kusanagi's homeland. This is when the Kusanagi-Yasakani rivalry started.

    Angered by these actions, the Yasakani begged Orochi for power to exact their revenge, learning the forbidden technique, Maiden Masher, the Yasakani later renamed themselves as the Yagami clan. As a curse with their bargain with Orochi, their once crimson flame was turned into bluish tint, the mothers of babies born die during child birth and each heir dies at a young age.

    King of Fighters '95

    Iori entered his first tournament with his team of Billy Kane and Eiji Kisaragi. He was surprised to see the tournament sponsor, Rugal, wielding an Orochi base power. His team defeated Rugal and Iori mocked him saying "only the Yagami blood can control it's power". He then severely injures his teammates and says that the Kusanagi clan is next.

    King of Fighters '96

    Two women named Vice and Mature approached Iori enticing him to join the tournament because Kyo Kusanagi will be participating. After a brief spar, he agrees to join in order to kill his rival. This year's tournament sponsor is Goenitz, he proved to be too much for Iori, with the help from his rival and Chizuru, they were able to beat Goenitz.

    Before he died, he warned Iori and the others not to underestimate the power of Orochi. Suddenly, Iori was under the symptom of Riot of the Blood. He loses his sanity and viciously killed his companions.

    King of Fighters '97

    Again, Iori was unsuccessful on his attempts to defeat Kyo. One night, he dreamed about Vice and Mature, mocking him for his lack of strength to beat his rival. He woke up coughing blood and filled with rage and hate. Though near the end of the tournament, he was forced to team up with Chizuru and Kyo.

    They were faced with three of the "Four Heavenly Kings". Yashiro Nanakase, Chris, and Shermie. Iori and his team was defeated and Orochi was released to the world and possessed Chris. Orochi attempts to destroy the three clans but as history would repeat itself, it was defeated. But Orochi started the Riot of the Blood in Iori, hoping that he would turn on his team and kill them, but instead, Iori grabbed Orochi by the neck and Kyo attacked him with one last deathblow. Chizuru was then able to seal Orochi once again.

    NESTS Saga

    Iori joined this tournament to find out who was creating clones of Kyo. Eventually, he teamed up with K', Kula and Kyo to defeat Igniz aboard a massive space station. The station went crashing down to earth and eventually exploded but Iori was nowhere to be found.

    Ash Saga

    At the end of the tournament, it was Iori, Kyo and Chizuru once again. This time a person named Ash stole Chizuru's power and offered Iori servitude. Iori responded by a flame attack but Ash disappeared. With Chizuru gone, the seal on Orochi has weakened which doesn't bode well for the Yagami clan.


    Iori is always serious, rude and direct-to-the-point character. His curse with the Orochi drives him insane due to the fact that the Orochi power within him torments and belittles him. This sometimes cause him to have an identity crisis. Even though he sometimes loses his sanity, he is a proud of his name and has a very high instinct for survival.

    At first, Iori's only goal was to kill his rival Kyo, but he never understood why he hated Kyo, only that, he wanted to best him. Unlike Kyo or Chizuru, losing his flame powers doesn't affect him emotionally or psychologically.

    Video Game Concept and Creation

    Iori Yagami debut in King of Fighters '95, he was introduced as Kyo's rival. The creators didn't want to make Iori to be one of the stereo type fighters in most fighting game, thus he was given a unique personality, phrases and moves.


    • His hobby is playing with his band, which is a rival band of Chris, Shermie and Yashiro Nanakase.
    • Ironically, he dislikes violence while at the same time also likes nothing special.
    • He is adept in all kind of sports.
    • Technically, he never lost a one-on-one battle with Kyo, he just assumes that he loses because he never killed him.

    Video game appearances

    • The King of Fighters 95
    • The King of Fighters 96
    • The King of Fighters 97
    • The King of Fighters 98
    • The King of Fighters 99
    • The King of Fighters 2000
    • The King of Fighters 2001
    • The King of Fighters 2002
    • The King of Fighters 2003
    • The King of Fighters XI
    • The King of Fighters XII
    • The King of Fighters XIII
    • Netto Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special
    • The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
    • The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
    • The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A
    • The King of Fighters Neowave
    • KOF Sky Stage
    • Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
    • Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting
    • The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood
    • The King of Fighters EX2
    • SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom
    • SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium
    • Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
    • Capcom VS SNK: Pro
    • Capcom vs. SNK 2

    Other Media


    King of Fighters


    King of Fighters: Another Day


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