Character » Invunche appears in 9 issues.

    A disfigured demon that was created by the Brujeria to kill the friends of John Constantine.

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    The Invunche is a demon assassin created by the South American witch cult known as Brujeria. It is created from a six months year old baby whose head and limbs are disjointed and then applied with black magic. It is capable of carrying out task that are far away from Patagonian jungles, where Brujeria dwells, since it was capable killing John Constantine's friends who lived in London.


    The Invunche made his first appearance in he Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 created by Alan Moore with artists John Totleben and Rick Veitch.

    He is derived from the Chilote folklore of "Invunche" or "Inbunche", a baby turned into a servant of witches and warlocks, with its head twisted and one arm sewed in his back. In some other versions it is his leg what is sewd to his back. Depending of the legend, the mouth is also sewed.

    Major Story Arcs

    Swamp Thing

    The first friend of Constantine's targeted by the Invunche was John's artist friend Emma. The Invunche attacked her in New York in her studio after she had sketched the creature on her sketch pad. Emma became so scared she threw herself out of her window. next, the Invunche attacked and killed Sister Anne-Marie on a London Underground platform. The Invunche then returned to the Brujería's Council of the Cave where it attacked and captured John Constantine.

    Other Media


    The Invunche first appears in episode 8 "Saint of Last Resort" of the NBC series Constantine. During the climax to the episode, the demon appears inside the sewer system underneath Sister Anne-Marie's convent in Mexico. Zed can be seen sketching the creature earlier in the episode.


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