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X-women are more relatible than Susan Storm, who is the mother of two children. 
                                          -Some guy who wrote this senderse to the comic "X-women" by Claremont and Manara.  
(I would like to point out that I don`t `remember exactly what that guy wrote in that book.)
WHAT!!!! Did he seriously mean what he wrote!? Susan storm isn`t relatible, because he`s a mother!? There are BILLIONS OF MOTHERS EVERYWHERE!!! How can you not relate to her!? 
If you`re a man you probably wont. Maybe. 
I`m not really so certain about this, but maybe he wrote that he isn`t realistic that way. Because if he did, then... 
I would like to thank everyone who read this blog entry, even if there wasn`t a need to do so. Thank you. Unfortunately, none of the seconds you spend reading this entry, will go to charity work. Or do they...?  

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Most everyone should be able to relate to a mother, male or female. I have a mother.

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Funny. I do too!
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Well, I think it's very true. I mean, I have a hard time coping with the fact that I'm regularly possessed by a supernatural, cosmic entity that poses a threat to all existence. And I'm glad to hear that not everybody finds it strange when your body is swapped with a more attractive, Japanese ninja (not that I'm complaining, really. It can just be stressful explaining what happened at Thanksgiving and Christmas). And I'm still trying to get over having been kidnapped by the evil sorcerer, Belasco.  
But this motherhood (?) thing? I just don't get it.
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well, I would file this under either " the opinion of some guy doesn't mean anything, especially when it's so well versed " or " anything that came from X-Women shouldn't be taken into
account considering that book was such a favor to not only female comic book characters but women everywhere " (<--- if you never read sarcasm, this be it folks! ).

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I completely agree, and it's sadly  the mentality of a lot of Marvel writers/editors etc. listen to and go with. 
This kind of idea, that mature and committed characters are not relatable seems to be the genesis for the One More Day storyline in Spider-Man.  Joe Quesada in particular felt that a married Spider-Man was no longer relevant or exciting to readers, and so devised to make it so Pete could be single again like in the stories HE read when he was young.  Don't get me wrong, I love the direction that Spider-Man's title has taken under the capable hands of Dan Slott, but that hardly has to do with the fact that he's now "single".

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Anything that makes comics less "accessible" to the teen demographic tends to get shot down in comics.

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Considering the rising numbers of teenage mothers, you'd think that would make Sue even more accessible to new female readers ;)

(It's a cheap shot & I know it ;)

To be honest, I think whoever originally say that about Sue not being accessible was talking out of their arse! She's a passionate & loving woman, and can hold off the power of a Thor-clone/alien -hybrid. If that doesn't rock then nothing does! She is a figure for girls to look up to as much as Storm or Rogue.

"MILF", "Yummy Mummy", "Hot Mama"... Most Women Would Love To Be Like Her!
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Well, hasn`t this blogpost gotten some attention. Well, more than my blog usually gets.  
Thanks for all the comments folks. I`m moved. (Sniff!)

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