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    The second Invisible Hood, Ken Thurston, is the great-grandson of the original Invisible Hood Kent Thurston. He is led to his predecessor's cloak by Uncle Sam, who recruits him for the Freedom Fighters.

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    This page is for the current Invisible Hood, Ken Thurston 
    For the original Invisible Hood, see the Kent Thurston page 


    Ken Thurston was the great-grandson of the Invisible Hood Kent Thurston, and inherited most of his great-grandfather’s property. While recruiting for his new Freedom Fighters, Uncle Sam recruited Ken. He revealed to Ken the location of Kent’s invisible cloak. He warned Ken that soon he would be needed, and put him in contact with Jenna Raleigh, the new Red Bee. The two would serve as “secret” members of the Freedom Fighters, prepared to enter the fray if something happened to Uncle Sam and his new Freedom Fighters.


     Uncle Sam #5
     Uncle Sam #5
    In 1957, DC Comics bought the rights to Quality Comics’ superhero characters. They launched them into the DC Universe, with many of them forming a superhero team called the Freedom Fighters. In 2005, DC Comics’ writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray sought to relaunch the Freedom Fighters after many of their deaths during the Infinite Crisis crossover. In the pages of Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven, Palmiotti and Gray introduced new versions of Doll Man, Firebrand, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray. In their follow-up maxiseries Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, the writers also brought back Uncle Sam, and a new version of Black Condor.
    However, Palmiotti and Gray also wished to revisit other Quality Comics characters bought by DC Comics. In that same series, they introduced new members of the Freedom Fighters based on their Quality counterparts: Invisible Hood and the Red Bee. This new Invisible Hood is the great-grandson of the original, with an updated look designed by artist Daniel Acuna.

    Key Story Arcs

    First and Final Mission

     The death of the second Invisible Hood
     The death of the second Invisible Hood
    When the media announced that the Freedom Fighters had been captured by Father Time and his organization S.H.A.D.E., Ken Thurston sprang into action. He contacted Jenna Raleigh, and the two set out to free the Freedom Fighters as the Invisible Hood and the Red Bee. With the timely help of Miss America, the duo broke Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters free from S.H.A.D.E.’s imprisonment. Uncle Sam brought Thurston and the rest of the Freedom Fighters back to his hideout: an extraplanar location called the Heartland.
    Unfortunately, there was a mole in Uncle Sam’s Freedom Fighters. The new Ray, Stan Silver, was actually still an agent of Father Time. In a surprise attack, Silver killed Thurston, and brought Father Time’s agents to the Heartland. Luckily, Uncle Sam had another ace in the hole: he had recruited the previous Ray, Ray Terrill. Terrill defeated Silver, avenging Thurston’s death. Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters eventually defeated Father Time.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Ken Thurston inherited his great-grandfather’s invisibility cloak. This cloak renders the wearer invisible by bending the visible spectrum. The cloak only bends light, and can be detected on infrared or thermal wavelengths.  

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