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Mark Grayson is the son of Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man, one of the Earth’s greatest protectors. His father belongs to a super-powered alien race known as the Viltrumites. Being that Mark’s mother was human, there was always a possibility of him never acquiring his father’s abilities. After living most of his young adult life as a regular teenager, one day he begins to exhibit strength, flight and invulnerability. With his father’s help he dons on a costume and begins to fight crime. After his civilian identity was warned that he was not invincible, his super-powered identity cleverly takes that very name, Invincible.


Invincible, Mark Sebastian Grayson, was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker to be used as an ongoing character for Image Comics whom first appeared in Tech Jacket issue 1 on October 2002. From the beginning of issue to modern Invincible comics, Robert Kirkman has been writing all of the issues that focus on Invincible with Ryan Ottley as artist who joined onto the series with issue 8. Since then the two have made Invincible a great success in the comic book industry and he has been accepted in Image Continuity.

Character Evolution

Mark changed not only emotionally but also in his powers. His father tried to get a costume made for him, but Mark could not decide on his costume so the superhero tailor Art Rosenbaum, told him to come back later after he had picked out a name. After protecting a nerd from being bullied, Mark is sent to the principal's office, where the principal tells him he is not "Invincible." A major turning point is when he finally picks his name as Invincible, this act changes his persona into a bold, cocky and heroic individual that he would become.

Story Arcs

Meet the Teen Team

Two months later Mark met the Teen Team, a young group of heroes consisting of Robot, Dupli-Kate, Rex-Splode and Atom Eve and helped them capture Maulers, two super strong super smart twins. Invincible would also team up with his father to battle an alien invasion from a group called the Flaxans who captured Nolan before and wanted revenge for his leading a revolt and escaping. However their dimension's time moves faster than ours; they created devices to halt their aging here, but those were soon destroyed and the Flaxians retreated. At school the next day he recognizes Atom Eve, a member of the Teen Team. The two become friends and fight their teacher when they discover he had been strapping bombs to students and blowing them up in some elaborate scheme for vengeance for the loss of his son and wife that left him. While Omni-Man was out of town Invincible fought Allen the Alien. Instead of being an evil alien, he was really testing the, champions of planets. Omni-Man had always thought he was a bad guy because he didn't know that was Allen's job. After talking with Invincible, Allen realized he had been going to the wrong planet for fifteen years and left.

I Love College

After High School, Mark left for college. While visiting Upstate University with his friend William they were attacked by a Reanimen (a robot/zombie), which was created by an evil student named D.A. Sinclair, who had been using homeless men in his experiments to turn the dead into his slaves and added robot parts to make them easier to control. William was looking for Rick Sheridan, who was turned into a Reaniman, and acting as a homeless man, allowed himself to be captured by D.A. Mark fought the Reanimen and stopped D.A., and as a result, William learned his secret identity. Meanwhile, Atom Eve quit the Teen Team after finding out that her boyfriend Rex-Splode was cheating on her with Dupli-Kate. She quit the team and started working with Invincible more. By the time she realized she had feelings for Mark, he had already been asked out by Amber Bennett and they started dating. She never told Mark that she liked him.

Soon after, the members of the Guardians of the Globe, (Earth's best superhero team) were murdered. A new team was formed (made mostly of members of the Teen Team). Invincible was offered a spot but declined. Mark and Eve still worked with them on several occasions. Mark would also fight and easily thwart a group of terrorists called the Lizard League (Salamander, Iguana, Komodo Dragon, King Lizard) attempting to poison a towns water supply. He would soon meet Doc Seismic, who uses wrist bands to create earthquakes, and likes fighting famous super heroes.

New World Order

When it was discovered that it was Omni-Man who had destroyed the Guardians, Mark confronts him. Omni-Man then reveals to his son that the Viltrumites weren't really peaceful explorers, but violent conquerors. Omni-Man had been assigned to take over Earth and he offered Mark the chance to do it with him. Mark refuses, and the two fight. Omni-Man tells Invincible that his whole live has been a lie, that he never cared about his mother, only that she was a ''pet'' to him, that he never loved her (this is later all proven to be a lie after). Omni-Man easily wins, leaving Invincible in a coma for two weeks before leaving the planet himself. Upon his recovery, Mark started working for the Global Defense Agency. His liaison is Cecil Stedman, who also used to be Omni-Man's liaison as well.

Invincible's first encounter with the other Viltrumites
Invincible's first encounter with the other Viltrumites

He was to use his machine to find his counterparts and use their knowledge to "better the human race". Angstrom was being helped by Mark's old foes the Mauler Twins; he freed them from prison so they would help him with their super-intelligence. When Mark attacked the twins and their other-dimensional counterparts that were summoned by Angstrom, Angstrom removed himself from his machine to plead for Invincible's life. Sadly doing so caused a error in the machine and it exploded. After wards the New Guardians found Mark. Angstrom was found by a lone surviving Mauler. He was horribly disfigured (body and mind) but stated his plan is a success. He soon vowed revenge on Invincible, blaming him for the explosion. Mark the discovers his father has a new alien wife, Andressa, who is a member of a bug like race with a 9 month life span, and a child Oliver who looks like a human with purple skin, on another planet. Oliver ages like his mother but Nolan thinks that once his powers come forth he will age slowly, like a Viltrumite. They are then attacked by Viltrumites and Nolan has his back broken while saving Mark and is arrested. Nolan tells Mark to read his books before he is taken away. The Viltrumites then give Nolan's assignment of taking over Earth to Mark and he is given a 100 year deadline. Mark reads Nolan's books, and discovers that his father has been trying to use supposed science fiction to tell people how to hurt and defeat the Viltrumites. After being asked by Oliver's mother, Invincible takes his alien half-brother back home with him so his human mother can help rebuild her home and keep him safe. His mother agrees to raise him. Mark and Amber then visit Eve in Africa who was helping the natives with the use her powers. However Eve was annoyed with her desire to be closer to Mark, but Amber being around made this harder for her.


Invincible & Spider-Man
Invincible & Spider-Man

Mark rushes home after a threatening phone call. When Mark arrives he finds his mother in Levy's clutches. Angstrom attempts to weaken Invincible by dragging him through various dimensions. It is here Mark meets Spider-Man and the New Avengers. Invincible meets Spider-man's family in the process too and realizes that he has a lot in common with this person. He teams up with Spider-Man to take down Doctor Octopus. After finally beating Doc Ock, Invincible finds a portal that takes him to his home dimension and sees that his mom is beaten up.


In anger and through irrationality Invincible beats Levy to death because of what he had done to his mother. Mark is then rescued by a group of Guardians from 15 years in the future, where Eve tells him that she loves him and to tell his Eve how he feels so she can move on. Once he returns he attempts to tell Eve how he feels, instead the two wind up kissing. Then they are interrupted by a Martian invasion, leaving this unresolved. Mark then begins to read the books written by his father, it is right there when he realizes that what he is reading contains information about how to kill or hurt Viltrumites.

Next Invasion

Later while Mark is dealing with a separate alien invasion alongside a group of aliens called Sequids, a small group of the Guardians in Montana are fighting the Lizard League who are trying to start a nuclear holocaust. The attempt to stop the enemy goes horribly wrong and Shrinking Ray is eaten, Dupli-Kate is seemingly killed and Rex Splode has his hand bitten off and is shot in the head, but he survives. However Komodo Dragon, Iguana and Salamander also died during the battle. After a misunderstanding and a battle with Allen the Alien, The Immortal leaves the team, due to what happened to Kate. Eve returns to Earth after finding out that Mark has broken up with Amber due to some troubles because of Mark's superhero life and her having feelings for a guy named Gary. The two talk, and Mark informs her about her future if she doesn't move on. Later, Mark has lunch with his mom and talks about her new relationship. They are interrupted by a Viltrumite woman named Anissa. The two Viltrumites fight and she defeats Mark, then reminds him of his duty to take over Earth, but he (respectfully) declines. Allen the Alien is taken prisoner by the Viltrumites as a part of his plan to find Nolan; after learning about his books and his rebellion against Viltrum, Allen hopes to be placed in the same prison as Nolan so that he can save him from being executed. Invincible and Rex Splode team up to defeat Multi-Paul , Dupli-Kate's twin brother, who is angry over his sister's death. It is then that it is revealed that Kate wasn't dead, just her dupes. She is in hiding for an unknown reason after her supposed death. She wanted to stop her brother without taking him to prison, but when she arrived to help Invincible she found that he had already stopped her brother and was going to send him to prison.

When Oliver's powers begin developing, he asks Invincible if he can help him fight crime. Invincible later accepts Oliver as his partner.

Fallout with the Government

Cecil Stedman
Cecil Stedman

Mark recently went looking for Atom Eve, and found her hiding in Africa. Cecil pages Mark, and tells him that Doc Seismic has captured all of the superheroes and are holding them underground. Invincible and Atom Eve go to help, and Mark destroys many of the monsters yet when he goes to fight Doc Seismic he is exhausted and passes out. After beating Doc Seismic, and finding out that Cecil has hired the evil creator of the Reanimen, and Darkwing II. Mark is stunned! He beats up Darkwing, and discovers that no one knows that he was actually a murderer. He leaves angrily. He talks with Atom Eve about making the biggest mistake of his life, and sees Cecil. Cecil brings him into the white room, and uses the Reanimen to attack Mark. It appears Cecil thinks that Mark has began to cross over to the dark side. Because he hasn't, and has a horrible temper, this could be the end of Cecil.

Mark fights a horde of Reanimen, only to find that Cecil has another way of keeping him in check. He discovers that Cecil has placed something in his equilibrium. Mark flies away for help form the New Guardians of the Globe, and they help him only for the charge to Mark's brain to go permanent, until Robot blocks the frequency. Mark lashes out and destroys almost all of the Reanimen. Cecil tells Mark that he is fired, and Mark flies into him and pushes him against the wall, he tells him that everything he's been paid is his, to stay away from his family, and if he dare recruit Oliver than he'd kill him. Invincible goes back home, and tells the story to his mom, brother, and Eve. Eve and Mark go into the backyard, and he tells her all he could think of was her when he thought he was going to die, and they kiss.

New Partner, New Duds, Big Changes

New Costume
New Costume

Mark is now a free agent who is not working for the government any longer. He tells Oliver that he needs to train him how to use his powers, and Oliver says "As your partner?", Mark says why not, and takes him to get his first costume. Oliver insists on being called kid Omni-Man, because his costume has an O on it, and Mark gets some cool new blue duds, which he doesn't like at first. Mark and Oliver end up fighting two super villains, and Oliver makes many rookie mistakes, but Invincible forgives him. When Mark arrives home he hangs out with Eve, and they kiss again only to be watched by some floating robot which is a camera set to the office of Angstrom Levy who was presumed dead!

The Mauler Twins have a new weapon and appear to have take out the Guardians of the Globe. Mark suits up and flies over there, not so long after Oliver suits up as well and follows him. Invincible begins fights the Mauler twins, when they become frustrated and launch a nuclear missile. Just then Oliver arrives, and Invincible takes off after the missile. While Mark is in space, Oliver fights the Mauler Twins and ends up killing them both. When Mark arrives back at the nuclear base he sees the dead bodies, and tells Oliver to get in the sky. He tells him human life is precious, and Oliver disagrees Mark tell him that he sounds too much like his dad. Oliver asks Mark if he ever thought their father was right, Mark replies discreetly....sometimes.

Mark, is still surprised at what Oliver has done and leaves his date with Eve early. He returns home and talks to Oliver about what he did Mark yells at him and says they'll continue the discussion later. Mark yells at Deborah for telling her new boyfriend his secret, she tries to apologize and Mark tells her to save it. Mark goes patrolling, and comes across Titan. Mark tells him that he has not forgiven him for taking over Machine Head's corporation and they fight, until a huge dragon attacks Mark. Titan escapes and we see that he is going to start a war with Mr. Liu and his team which also consists of Multi-Paul. He comes across Eve in the sky and tells her he'll meet her later. He returns home to talk to Oliver, and he forgives him but it seems Oliver notices the orb in the tree.

Since then Mark & Eve have been going on many dates, and they have come to the conclusion that they love each other deeply. Invincible has gone into the future in order to save it, and almost kills the Immortal because he tells him to. Mark refuses to at first but when the Immortal starts to reveal stuff about the future Mark loses it and rips off his head.

When Eve and Mark arrive at home they sleep together for the first time. We flash off to the location in which Allen, and Nolan are being held. It is the day of Nolan's execution and him and Allen are communicating telepathically. Allen reveals that him and Nolan have become very good friends while being held prisoner. Nolan says its time and Allen breaks out of his cell to help, and breaks the other prisoners out of their cells as well. Some prisoners do not want to help but one does. BATTLE BEAST! Allen, Nolan fight the Viltrumites and eventually escape after Nolan reveals that there are only 50 pure blooded Viltrumites left.

Young Love...

Young Love
Young Love

Mark receives a call from Amber and goes to see her. When he arrives she reveals that her father has died and her new boyfriend Gary has been abusing her physically. Mark asks where he is and flies off. Meanwhile, Oliver is patrolling the city when he comes across a giant robot destroying the city. He is being followed by one of Angstrom Levy's floating orbs. The robot says he needs someone stronger than Oliver, when he hits him. Just then we flash to Mark who is holding Gary over a building by his leg. Mark says that even though he is out of Amber's life he still cares about her and if he ever hurts her again he'll kill him. Gary promises never to do it again and Mark tosses him across the roof into a pole. Mark finds out where Oliver is and goes to help. Oliver says that the human inside the suit just wants to get out, and Mark says that they'll talk about it later. Mark goes and see's Amber who is happy about what he did and she tells him that she's giving Gary another chance. Mark goes to Eve's house and tells her what happened and they cuddle for a while. Later, Mark see's Oliver and apologizes to him about not teaching him things, Oliver see's a reflection from the trees and Mark flies to get the orb it blows up in his hand and he says that someone was watching them. Invincible then goes to Cecil to see if it is him, the owner of the orb. Cecil tells Mark that it is not him and if he can help track down a fugitive. The fugitive turns out to be Wolf-man.

Invincible War

Invincible War Begins
Invincible War Begins

Finally after planning, Angstrom Levy made his move. When Mark thought he killed him and left, Angstrom actually hadn't died just yet and had enough energy to make one last portal. This one took him to a dimension where a group of aliens healed him of his wounds. Later using his powers he traveled to other dimensions and gathered a dozen evil versions of Invincible. They launched a massive assault on the planet lead by Angstrom with the intent on not just causing damage but also ruining the world's view of Invincible. Many major cities where destroyed by the Invincibles like London, New York, Tokyo and more. Superheroes and super hero teams all around the world joined forces to fight the Invincibles. From the darkest streets of New York, Spawn faced a duplicate Invincible in the alleys, the duplicate stated the he already killed him once and he would do it again. Outside the planet that we call Earth, Tech Jacket faced a weaker version of Invincible. After Mark beats one of his counterparts, Capes Inc responded to a prison break caused by one of the Invincible's from the other dimensions, but accidentally mistook Mark for another duplicate. Mark was later attacked by the Capes crew, only to have the time taken to explain that he was not a duplicate. Afterwards, they teamed up and responded to distress calls from across the globe. However, they were not the only ones to respond to the call, Youngblood, Cyberforce, the Dynamo 5, and Brit also engaged in mission set ahead. Sadly however millions of people died including Darkwing and Rex-Splode and only a couple Invincibles where killed. However after their first assault, Angstrom wanted them to go after this dimensions Invincible but they wanted to finish the take over. Unable to control them anymore Angstrom used his powers to strand them in another dimension but as he did that Mark and Oliver attacked him. Goaded by his anger and Oliver; Mark was ready to kill Angstrom but he escapes death losing his arm. He went back to the beings that healed him but due to his failure they informed him he works for them now. After Angstrom's defeat, all local areas familiar to Invincible were utterly destroyed and unusable to any humans. Now is the time for reconstruction, but how will Mark/Invincible cope with this world breaking event.


Clean Up
Clean Up

Invincible visits Eve in the hospital often while the rest of the super powered community cleans up after the war. Invincible later joins in but blames himself for much of the death and destruction, but he isn't the only one. Many of the human populace view him as the cause of the chaos. Power Plex (who chose to help in the fight) even attacks him when he goes to the clean up and Badrock has to hold him down and take him back to custody. Later Cecil bring Invincible together with Robot, Brit, Black Samson and Donald explaining that with Darkwing and Rex gone and that Immortal and Kate have quit to have a family a new Guardian of the Globe is needed and Invincible should be the leader, but Mark is uneasy and still doesn't trust Cecil and leaves. After some more self loathing a Viltrumite named Conquest shows up to remind Invincible of his job of taking over earth but Invincible is some what glad to see him as he needs to hit something and the two get ready to fight. When the titans collided, buildings were shattered and the force of the 2 caused enormous power to serge from their bodies.

The fight rages on between Conquest and Invincible. Invincible get in a few good hits but Conquest is better trained and starts dominating in the fight. Oliver tries to help but almost gets himself killed.

Eve Dead!?
Eve Dead!?

Eve wakes up and rushes to help Mark, but she is killed by Conquest. In his anger, Invincible promises to kill Conquest. They continue to fight despite Mark's body having been broken and his excessive bleeding. His rage allows him to turn the tide as he destroys Conquest's robotic arm. Somehow Eve comes back to life thanks to her powers and fires a massive energy beam at Conquest that burns all the skin off his body. Invincible continues to fight him as the Viltrumite isn't done yet. In the end, Invincible headbutts Conquest over and over again until his skull is crushed, killing him... or so it seems. Invincible then collapses to the ground due to his injuries as the heroes show up to help him.

Mark awakens in the Pentagon hospital with Eve by his side. The two reconcile with Mark noticing that Eve's breasts have gotten larger, leading to an intimate moment between them. He is extremely upset because he thought that he lost her. This moment is quickly interrupted by Debbie Grayson. Later on, Invincible joins the other heroes at the funeral for Rex Splode, and afterwards goes to see Oliver in the hospital. Mark then reveals a shocking revelation he had during his fight with Conquest; in order to truly protect Earth, Invincible must kill every villain he encounters from now on.

Preparation for War

In this two issue mini with artist Cory Walker, Kirkman focuses on Allen, and Nolan. Allen and Nolan have just escaped from the Viltrumite prison in which they were being held captive. Their primary focus is going to certain parts of the universe, and finding things that can hurt the Viltrumites. Nolan (having been on many adventures himself) knows what can hurt them. It is also noted that there was a virus produced by rebels of the Viltrumite empire which was successful in killing a large number of them and in turn leaving an extremely small population of Viltrumites alive. It seems the reason they need to inhabit earth is because they can successfully re-breed their population there.

Nolan's novels are are actually brought to life when Allen discovers that the Space Racer (a man Nolan supposedly killed) is still alive. He has a special type of weapon that returns to him automatically when touched by other individual. Nolan and Allen try to save him by digging him out of the rubble. Finally the Space Race is exposed and tries to kill Nolan. When Space Racer tries to kill Nolan, Nolan explains that he has switched sides. Space Racer doesn't believe him at first, but Allen then reassures him and he agrees to play a role in the upcoming war. It is also revealed that the Coalition has the virus that killed 99.9 % of the Viltrumites at their disposal.

Back on Earth

Back on earth, Invincible and the rest of the superhero committee seem to be finishing reconstructing the cities of the world. Invincible then gets attack by a new villain called Dinosaurus. He then proceeds to rant Invincible on how he failed to save the world. After a quick fight Invincible is just about to kill Dinosaurus, just then the Guardians Of The Globe arrive. Robot then asks Invincible if he was really going to kill Dinosaurus.

Later at Eve's house, Mark explains to Eve what happened the city. Then they have dinner with Eve's parents. After a long and awkward dinner Mark and Eve talk about the prison meeting they have the other day. After the prison meeting , in which Invincible agrees to not charge the prison for 3 months, they both meet an older Oliver flying around with a new costume now calling himself Young Omni-Man.Oliver goes on and tells them that there's no one on the house so they can have some fun. While this is all happening Conquest, who was secretly kept alive by the government, escapes from the facility he's at. It is that night that Eve realizes she is pregnant with Mark's child.

Back to basics
Back to basics

The Sequids commence their attack lead by Rus Livingston. Mark answers the call first from a nuclear plant and heads off before his mother can tell him what's happening in the city. They face a new villain called Universa . She tells them that she is on earth for the planet's energy and will not leave until she gets it. After a difficult fight, Invincible manages to get her staff , in which reveals to be the source of her powers. Invincible gets shocked since he can't wield the staff. Atom Eve sucker punches her and rushes to see if Invincible is ok. Right there Cecil enters the room and tells Invincible that the Sequids are back.

He then heads off to fight the invasion along with other heroes. The battle seems hopeless, leaving Invincible with only one choice: to kill him. After Invincible kills the possessed he quickly leaves the scene and feels guilt over for what he's done. He returns to his house to tell Eve what he did and how bad he feels and gets cut by Cecil, who ask Mark to come with him to the base. Cecil tell Mark how he feels about the situation at hand. Later on Invincible is helping Titan battle his old master and in the process, Invincible almost kills Titan.

Invincible then visits Art and tells him about the things that happened recently in his life, like watching Eve die and him killing. Telling him that the black and blue costume sometimes feels like a curse and that he can't even look at himself anymore. Art tell Mark that he is a good man and tell him that he doesn't have to wear that costume anymore and gives an updated version of his old costume. Invincible then meets Eve at his house and asks her if she wants to go to have dinner. Right there Invincible's father arrives, with Allen the Alien and tells him that war is upon them. Mark tells Eve what has happened so far. It would seem that it was around this time that Mark helped the Dynamo 5 fight the aliens that came to Earth looking for Earth's champions.

The Viltrumite War

Goodbye Kiss
Goodbye Kiss

In the middle of a Flaxan invasion Invincible gets a call from Eve, telling him to rush over to a shopping mall. Invincible declines, saying that he is busy and tell her to see if Oliver can take over that instead of him. Eve agrees but tells him to hurry. Later on, in Mark's house, him and Oliver are discussing whether they should bring Oliver or not but Oliver was being persistent and told Mark that he might need his help. Later on their father agrees into bringing Oliver with them.

After an emotional goodbye to Eve, Mark , along with his father, his brother Oliver and now the recruited Tech Jacket, they all head off to space with Allen the alien to meet the Coalition of Planets . It was on the way to meet up with the Coalition that they get attack by the fully recovered Conquest and 2 other Viltrumites. where they all fight and in the middle of the fight Oliver loses his breath and is forced to leave and find the nearest planet to catch some air , Conquest follows him and just about as he is to attack Oliver, Invincible cuts him off and the 2 of them continue they're fight.

After a tough battle, Invincible finally manages to kill Conquest once and for all but it also left him in the verge of death. It is right there where his father, along with his brother find him. Omni-Man tells Oliver that Mark will recover , but it will take a couple of months before he can be fine again. Meanwhile,

The Viltrumite war finally started. After some months, Mark finally regain consciousness and asked his father about what happened and if he was the one to have killed Conquest. Nolan corrects Mark by telling him that it was him ( Invincible) that have been the one that killed him. They all head off to assist and stop a Viltrumite attack on one of the Coalition's planet. Revealing that there is a traitor among them.

Thaedus gets everyone ready to fight the Viltrumites on their home planet Viltrum. Mark is seen later talking to his father about if he was going to return to earth or not. But he then reminds Mark that he could never return to earth after what he did. They all head out to space, finally reaching the Viltrumite planet. Thaedus then gets slashed by one woman Viltrumite, but Battle Beast cuts in and begins to fight her. Thragg arrives with some Viltrumites, just then Space Racer arrives with monsters that can battle the Viltrumites.Mark and Oliver fight some Viltrumites, until Invincible finally fights Thragg only to be pushed aside. Oliver comes in and appears to be killed by Thragg. This angers Invincible and fights Thragg, only to be punched back later. Along with his father and Thaedus, the tree of them charge to the center of the Viltrumite planet along with a blast from the Spacer Racer. Making it to explode. Mark then heads to find Oliver's body, crying.

Then, Thragg attacks Invincible and even with Nolan's help, they both seem to be defeated by Thragg and are both left for dead by the Viltrumites. Later on they are saved by the Coalition. Mark wakes up 2 weeks later to find out that his brother and father are still alive and is informed by Allen the Viltrumites have disappeared and are nowhere to be found. The Mark deduces that they have headed to Earth. During their travels Mark has nightmares about the fate of Earth. Upon arriving home he finds everything normal. He and his father are confronted by Thragg who confirms that the Viltrumites have indeed arrived on Earth but rather than conquering it they have assimilated themselves into the populace. Thragg proposes a temporary halt to hostilities. The Viltrumites will not attack Earth until their numbers are greater (coupling with the human populace as Omni-Man did). Mark is hesitant to agree but given the choice of fighting now or fighting some time in the future (perhaps distant future) he reluctantly agrees.

The Destruction of Las Vegas

After the way he has since then Mark has reunited with his love Eve. They were invited to Mr Immortal and Dupli-Kate's home to visit their twins. Sometime during the visit Eve breaks down due to the emotional trauma of going through an abortion. She confesses this outside to Mark and the two embrace while Kate comments that their relationship will likely not last long. Mark then faces off against Dinosaurus, who is trying to blow up Las Vegas, Invincible battles Dinosaurus but fails to save Las Vegas.

Strongly affected by the Las Vegas incident, Invincible starts to change his outlook on how he helps people. Invincible is attacked by Powerplex, but he refuses to fight. Invincible finally breaks through to him with words, and ends the pointless conflict. With this, Mark tries to solve another problem with words, Universa. Mark gets to know her, gives her the energy her planet needs, and lets her free. Cecil invites Mark to have a word with him in the white room, showing him the alternate reality Invincible reanimen. Surprisingly, Mark isn't angry at all, and sees that they can help for the greater good.

Called by Cecil yet again, Invincible sees what good the government is doing by using the glassed Vegas as a source of solar energy. Invincible realizes that Dinosaurus was right about his Las Vegas plan. With this, Mark visits Eve and asks her to trust him and to love him no matter what. Invincible frees Dinosaurus in hopes of becoming partners, and helping the world for the greater good. In doing so, Mark is tagged as an enemy of the state by Cecil.

The enemy of my enemy...
The enemy of my enemy...

While Allen the Alien and Kid Omni Man are on route to earth to deliver the Scourge virus into Earth's atmosphere Dinosaurus and Invincible lead coordinated plans to help fix the world including making irrigation channels where needed. During a brief argument with Eve about his new ways of using his powers Cecil interrupts the conversation to declare that Allen is entering Earth's orbit. Puzzled as to why his father wouldn't have come Invincible meets with Allen and greets his healed brother Oliver. However it is then that they unveil their plans to introduce the virus into earth's atmosphere, a plan which endangers human life. Invincible disavows their plan and attacks both Allen and Oliver. During the scuffle however none other than Regent Thragg enters the scene, vowing to help Invincible against his assailants. Despite threats, a standoff was reached until the Guardians of the Globe attacked leading Oliver to take the Scourge Virus to Earth and release it. However, when Mark attacked Oliver to prevent the attack, the virus was released on Mark point blank. Infected, Mark was taken to Thragg's ship on the Moon to be treated. While Mark was sick Bulletproof decided to wear his costume and fill in for him. It was soon revealed by Thragg's scientists that Mark and Nolan were part of the original bloodline of the Viltrumite King. Knowing he could never have a traitor taking over his roll, Thragg decided to secretly kill Mark until Dinosaurus stepped in and fought him, but was almost killed in the process. Dinosaurus used timed explosions to escape with Mark to his secret base on Earth. Mark awakes in Dinosaurus' base and Dinosaurus appearing dead soon reverts to his human form. At first it seems he may not be able to return to his Dinosaurus form, but Mark's efforts prevail and he transforms and explains the situation. Meanwhile, Eve goes to Cecil to attempt to go to the moon and visit Mark, but Cecil cannot contact the Viltrumites. Eve goes to the moon and asks Thragg where Mark is and he explains that Dinosaurus has kidnapped him. Eve tells everyone else and asks Allen where Dinosaurus' base is, he leads them there and they attack Dinosaurus believing he intends to hurt Mark. Mark tries to explain the situation, but they aren't listening to him and he punches Allen to get him to stop, but his arm breaks from the punch and everyone is shocked. It is revealed that he does not have all his abilities because of the Scourge virus which leaves Viltrumites weaker, so his arm breaks apart because he has lost his invulnerability. Mark then fears he may never get his powers back because there have been cases, though rare of previous Viltrumites never regaining their abilities after being affected by the Scourge virus. Mark fears he may never be Invincible again.

Powers and Abilities

Flying above the city
Flying above the city

The extent of Invincible's powers are unknown. Because he is not a true Viltrumite, his powers are yet to be expanded. If he continues to press his body further his powers will expand quicker.

Super Human Strength - Invincible can press over 400 tons. Shortly after his father was exiled form earth he was able to help lift out of the water a 300 000 ton plus cruise liner. However he's strength has increased exponentially since that was stated. Currently as confirmed by Conquest he is nearly as strong as even his father and is slated to surpass him in the future. His strength is as such, that coupled with his speed he was able to destroy a planet by flying in its core with the aid of 2 other Viltrumites. After years of getting stronger, he was able to fight toe to toe with Thragg, who casually defeated him and Omni Man in the previous arc.

Invulnerability - Like his Hero Name, Mark Grayson is Invulnerable to almost all harm. He can withstand the blast of nuclear missiles with little damage. However, repeated punches of great force such as those from other Viltrumites can harm him over time. This invulnerability extends to mental domination and transmutation, however a certain virus has been seen to bypass this invulnerability and kill Viltrumites, leading to their small population. His most recent feat of durability is surviving a planetary explosion of the planet Viltrum even when he himself was near the epicenter of the actual blast in the center of the planet.

Flight - Like his father, Mark can also fly. He was once said to be able to fly from earth to Mars in only a few days. However he has been shown to have increased his flight speed since then. It is now known that his flying speed is on par with his father's who was able to fly from Earth to Alpha Centuri in a week (on one breathe of air) which entrails moving 250 times the speed of light. He was also able to fly across a solar system in an hour.

Healing - Mark is able to recover from injuries more efficiently and quickly that would otherwise be fatal to someone with a normal human healing rate.

Endurance - Mark is able to endure extreme physical trauma that would otherwise kill a normal person, such as numerous broken bones, skull fractures, and even disembowelment. On one such occasion he has continues fighting even after been impaled by a fist through his abdomen and having his guts ripped out of his body (though he's passed out shortly after)

Lung Capacity - While he cannot breath in space he is able to hold his breath long enough to fight and travel short distances without a space suit. Mark can also hold his breath under water for long periods of time. In his early days he could survive hours or a day without air. However his lung capacity is now somewhat comparable to that of a adult Viltrumite as his father has shown it is possible for a one to survive at LEAST 1 week on a single breathe of air. He also appears to be unaffected by the vacuum or radiation of space.

Longevity - Mark also has an expanded life span like a Viltrumite. The longer he lives the slower he ages. It is not known how long his life span is but it is known he will live for thousands of years.

Other Media


Paramount pictures recently said that they have plans for an Invincible movie in the near future. They would like for Robert Kirkman to write the screenplay. There is no scheduled release date but rumors say that it will be released some time in 2009, or 2010. Unfortunately nothing came of it and the rights to Invincible were reverted back to Robert Kirkman.

In April 2017, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been set to write, direct and produce a feature film adaptation of Invincible, the Image/Skybound Entertainment comic series from The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley & Cory Walker. The film will come under Kirkman’s first-look deal with Universal Pictures where he will also serve as a producer alongside Rogen and Goldberg.

Digital Show

MTV started a digital TV show of Invincible which is basically an animated comic book; it is available on iTunes.


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