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Invincible: Three's Company Review

Robert Kirkman continues to make Invincible a extremely fun comic, as despite having it's extreme moments at it's core it's pure fun. In this volume Kirkman allows the characters to grow, as with Mark's mother re-gaining some purpose in life along with Mark and Amber's vacation allows everyone to have some fun. Or so you'd think. This doesn't become the case, as without going into too much detail, the re-emergence of Armstrong Levy causes a lot of problems for Mark. They are however very dramatic and intense problems, making the story that much more exciting.

Ryan Ottley's fun style is easily one of the best things about this series, as despite Kirman's amazing scripts being the most essential, I doubt it'd have the same vibe without Ottley. The detail and layout of Ottley's art is as usual spectacular, being very dynamic, helping with the flow of the story perfectly. Added to this the exciting action, along with the mixture of intense and fun facial expressions and Ottley's art also starts to add a lot of depth and realism to this gripping story. Bill Crabtre's colours are also as vibrant as ever, giving the perfect finishing touches to this amazing tale.

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