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    Invincible Man is a result by Bob Burden, the creator of the Flaming Carrot, and received a very limited run. The cover price of the first issue was printed as $100, Burden's idea, though it was meant only for promotional services.

    To describe Invincible Man, I turn to Burden himself who said, "Invincible Man is a rather generic superhero. His powers are flying, hitting and geography."

    He is a powerful, strange, and amoral (that is without morals) hero, not one to shy away from messing up a potential villain's apartment when they happen to be out.

    Not unlike Batman, Invincible Man has a young ward, Nifty Boy. Nifty Boy seems to have similar powers to Invincible Man. That is to say, they are not really defined. It is clear that both of them can fly.

    Despite an absurd sense of right, wrong, and sensible, Invincible Man seems to work on the side of good more often than not.

    Invincible Man and Nifty Boy #1 was nominated for a Will Eisner Comic Industry Award in 1999.


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