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Invincible: Head of the Class Review

Robert Kirkman does a great job of getting the series back on track, as well as showing the emotional toll that the events of the last issue had on the characters. Despite Mark's reaction to his fathers actions, it was the affect that the events had on his mother that had more depth, with her depression giving a realistic tone to this usually fun series. Kirkman does however continue to add fun, with Mark almost marrying a an Atlantian, visiting Mars, taking on a crime boss whilst also finding time to graduate high school.

Ryan Ottley also did a terrific job of the artwork throughout this issue, with his style continuing to be perfect for this series. That along with the fabulous detail and spectacular layouts make Ottley's art some of the best out there at the moment. Ottley also produced some dynamic scenery and explosive action throughout this volume as well, adding a lot of excitement and tone to Kirkman's fantastic story. The best part of Ottley's art remains the way that he shows the characters facial expressions, as they add so much realism and emotion to the story, helping it feel more lively at the same time.

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