Invincible #7

    Invincible » Invincible #7 released by Image on December 1, 2003.

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    The members of the Guardians of the Globe are all busy - well mostly, except for Aquarus - when they get the call to go to HQ. Some, like Darkwing, are busy ridding the streets of criminals, others are fighting super-villains, getting unwanted visitors from their past, or even trying to enjoy a picnic.

    Once they've all arrived at base it's time to hear the emergency. Except, no one's admitting to being responsible for calling the meeting. And then they all start being killed by a force too quick to be seen. Finally, it's just The Immortal, and he sees who's responsible. "You! I never liked you," he says. After killing him too, Omni-Man replies, "The feeling was mutual."

    Extended summary:

    In Midnight City some thieves wait on a rooftop, about to rob the place. They converse about how the City has such easy pickings because of the fact that it has been cast into an eternal night and that it has been left mostly abandoned, it's only real threat being Darkwing. They are comforted with the belief that Darkwing can't be everywhere, that is, until he jumps down, taking them out in an instant. He then receives a Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert and leaves them tied up, letting his butler know to have them arrested and swiftly departs.

    Kursk, a super villain, is blowing up cars in Moscow, while a woman is being mugged somewhere else while a girl tries to get a cat from a tree in yet another location. A red blur then passes all these places, stopping Kursk, the muggers and rescuing the cat. Elsewhere, a woman is at a park having a picnic with a superhero costume wearing man. In surprise she begins to berate him for doing his superhero work while she's talking and tells him that he should hope no one saw him in his Red Rush costume. He apologizes only to receive a Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert, apologizing again he leaves with her saying it's okay, she knows he's needed elsewhere.

    In Boston a woman in bed wakes up to kiss her new girlfriend and says she'll be staying over more often. They are interrupted when a rock-man bursts in demanding that the woman come with him to speak with her mother. She then transforms into War Woman and fights him off by pounding him into mere rubble. She then receives a Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert and so apologizing to her lover for the damage she leaves.

    On his throne in Atlantis, the fish-headed Aquarus sleeps, until awakened by a Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert. He heads for the base.

    Deep in space, a Martian Man and a Green Man fight what appears to be a giant robotic worm. The Martian tells the green man to become intangible so that he can destroy the worm's circuits; the man does so and the two return to Earth. The green man apologizes to the Martian for not going intangible earlier on in their fight but is told their is no need for an apology. The Martian believed the green man was learning quite quickly. Before anything else can be said they both receive a Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert and fly to the base.

    Up in the sky the villaious Bi-Plane tells The Immortal how he plans to irradiate the city of Denver. The seemingly indifferent Immortal hears him out and then proceeds to nonchalantly hurl him into space. The Immortal then receives the Guardians of the Globe Priority Alert and heads for the base, in Utah.

    Arriving at the Guardians of the Globe base in Utah, the Immortal finds the rest of the team is already present. He questions them to see if they know why they have been called and learns that they too are completely in the dark and believed he had the answer.

    Then in an instant they found themselves under attack and unable to resist and so soon all the Guardians, except for The Immortal had been brutally slaughtered.

    The Immortal then looks around shouting for the killer to show himself. When he found the murderer he merely had enough time to say, "YOU! I never liked you!", before he is decapitated.

    The killer is revealed to be Omni-Man who leaves, telling the headless corpse, "the feeling was mutual."


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