Invincible #42

    Invincible » Invincible #42 released by Skybound on June 2007.

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    This issue is new reader friendly. It offers a greta story, plus a recap of the series, form start to finish.

    Mark is on the moon talking to Cecil, he is on a mission to supervise the astronauts while thye are up there. Inside the space station two men say that they don't trust him because of what happened with Omni-Man. Suddenly another Astronaut form the Mars mission says that he saved her life, and does not care what they think. Cecil tells Marl he is needed back on earth, and he goes back.

    There is a giant red monster attacking New York, so Invinicible beats him up. He demands to be made president of the united states, but is knocked out. Just than the Guardians of the Globe arrive, and Invincible heads back to space to help the Astronauts.

    Back at the Pentagon Cecil tells Mark that the giant was actually an eight year old boy. That was sucked into another dimension when his grandma made an herbal remedy for their cat. He was enchanted, and became a king in that reality. Cecil tells Mark he did very good today, and Mark says thanks, and goes to a press conference. Mark is bombarded with questions about his dad, and he says that he does not owe an apology to the human race, for what his dad did, because he did everything in his power at the time to stop him.

    Later at Marks dorm room Mark reads his father's books, and William says that reading them are ridiculous. Mark says thats its important, and tells him to be quiet. William says to calm down, and that he didn't really mean it. He asks Mark if he is okay and Mark says he doesn't know. He complains that he misses Amber, and that he feels like he is falling apart. William offers to ask Amber out, and says that if he hears him and Amber making that rubber bed shake than he will never think about her again. Mark says thats really wanted to hear sarcastically, and goes out.

    Invincible fights Octoboss, and finishes him easy. But Octoboss let in a few good punches. When Mark arrives home his costume is ripped everywhere. He sees his mom, Deborah says to go see his brother because he misses him. Mark and Oliver play catch and Invincible accidentally throws it too high. Too Marks surprise Oliver starts flying and catches it. He says he wants too surprise mom.


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