Invincible #41

    Invincible » Invincible #41 released by Skybound on May 2007.

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    The story picks up right where the last issue left off. Atom Eve just passed out and her force field fell, giving the Sequids and opening to attack the Guardians. Unfortunately, Robot isn't done building his device so the team tries their hardest to protect him while he finishes. While the others defend Robot, The Immortal flies to directly attack the Sequid host but gets batted away. Shapesmith forms a ball around Robot to protect him as he works and the others take on the Sequid army. When Robot finally finishes building he gives the device to Shapesmith so he can pass it on to someone who can get close enough to the Sequid host for it to work. Thinking he can do it himself, The Immortal grabs the machine and heads towards the host but is smacked down by Invincible. Invincible forcefully informs The Immortal that he, Invincible, is stronger and faster and that the task is too important to let The Immortal's ego get in the way. Invincible is as good as he says he is and successfully activates the device in the hosts face. The Sequid parasites are all knocked out and Invincible is able to save the astronaut they had been using for a host. With the aliens momentarily stunned and the astronaut in hand, the Guardians of the Globe make a break for it.

    In a nuclear base on Earth, a one-armed and battle-weary Rex-Splode kneels before the leader of the Lizard League. The villains pulls the trigger of the gun at Rex's head but somehow it doesn't kill him. Rex acts while he's still able and puts the bad guy down in a couple punches. Before he can celebrate though, he falls to the ground.

    In the blackness of space far above all this, the Guardians of the Globe make it to the command center of the ship where the Martians are waiting. They thank and congratulate the team but demand that they leave the astronaut behind to be executed. The Guardians refuse and are forced to flee in a stolen Martian ship. Unfortunately for the Guardians, they are unable to use the weapons on the ship, which becomes a problem when other Martian ships get launched from the mother ship and start to attack. Since they can't attack, Invincible leaves the ship and takes on the others on his own. When he returns to his ship he gets nothing but praise from his teammates. Then he and Atom Eve talk about a kiss they recently shared.

    Back on Earth, Mark visits Amber and finds her with another guy. She hasn't cheated on him while he's been gone but she likes the guy he sees her with. Mark learns this from peeking into the window and makes a decision. He flies around the building and walks up to Amber's room just as the guy leaves. He talks to Amber and after a long, one-sided conversation, Mark and Amber break up. The decision is mutual, Amber was going to say the same things Mark had if he hadn't said them first. She will pursue the guy she met in his absence and Mark will go after Atom Eve.

    Mark goes to see Rex-Splode, the last surviving member of the team that went to stop the Lizard League. Rex complains about Invincible getting a parade while his mission had to be hidden, but afterwards he said he wasn't seriously mad.

    At his home that night, Rus Livingston, the rescued astronaut, coughs up some Sequids and they crawl over his face and body. As soon as they fully control his body they say (to no one in particular) that it's only a matter of time before they take over the Earth.


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