Invincible #38

    Invincible » Invincible #38 released by Skybound on December 1, 2006.

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    Martian armada is heading to earth, and Invincible is in Africa? Plus the return of Allen, and the Lizard League.

    Allen the alien, wakes up inside a machine in the Talescria medical center. He says he can move now, and accidentally breaks the machine. A nurse robot,rushes in and tells him that he is looking well. Thaedus, leader of the Coalition of the Planets walks in and welcomes him back. He asks to speak in private, and reveals himself to be a Viltrumite. He tells him that he once stood against the empire, but he was the only one. He says to go get Invincible, for he is the key to defeating the Viltrumite empire.

    Meanwhile at the Pentagon, Rick Sheridan is feeling inhuman, after his dramatic reconstruction. Donald reveals himself to be a cyborg and tells Rick his story so he can stop feeling so bad about himself. He offers his assistance, if he ever wants to talk, and Rick says ok.

    At Amber's university her and her friends discuss Gary, the guy who Amber recently met. She says that she doesn't actually like him, and that she has a boyfriend. Her friends say that they have never seen or met him. Just then Mark opens the door, and invites all of them to go bowling.

    Meanwhile in the Lizard League headquarters, a new person named Supreme Lizard declares himself the new leader of the Lizard League. He is immediately shot in the head, and King Lizard steps up with a smoking gun, asking if anyone else wants to try to be leader.

    At the home of Deborah Grayson, Oliver is doing great in his studies. His tutor says that at this rate, he will be teaching them in a year. Deborah is extremely pleased.

    In space, a Martian Armada approaches Earth commanded by the Sequid controlled Rus Livingston. He tells his Martian slaves that he will not tolerate any distractions, for nothing will keep him from Earth!

    Back at Amber's university they thank Mark for the great time. He complains to Amber about no alone time, and they say goodnight. He sighs and walks away.

    At the headquarters of the Guardians of the Globe, Rex congratulates Dupli-Kate on her marriage. She says that maybe if he was more compassionate they would still be together. Shapesmith walks into the room only to be told, that a Martian armada is approaching, he is very worried considering he is secretly a Martian himself.

    Invincible meets Atom Eve in Africa, to tell her that everything went ok and that he saved his Mom. They hug, and have an awkward silence, then kiss!

    Features a Capes backup story.


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