Invincible #36

    Invincible » Invincible #36 released by Skybound on October 1, 2006.

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    The return of Doc Seismic but Mark's got his hands full doing detective work with William. Can they find Rick?

    Rexplode isn't happy about the recent engagement of the Immortal, and DupliKate he complains about what he sees in her telling Bulletproof that all she wants to do is have sex. Bulletproof asks him isn't that why he went out with her, and he says yes. But if he was going to marry someone it would have to be someone like Eve. Just then the alarm goes off, and the Guardians of the Globe wisk off.

    Invincible is flying around the city for his usual workout. He arrives back at his dorm room only to find a letter form the Dean about his absences. William tells Mark that he is worried about Rick and they should go look for him. Invincible agrees that they will later tonight.

    The Guardians of the Globe are battling Doc Seismic he says that they cannot win. The downside is that there battling at the prison so many superheroes are escaping such as the Mauler Twins. The Immortal picks up Dupli-Kate telling her he won't have her hurt by these beasts she complains that he is embarrassing her and jumps off. Just then a new superhero jumps out of know where, and calls himself Shapesmith. The Guardians of the Globe have appeared to lost until One of the Mauler twins arrives and says he wants to turn himself in. The Guardians say really? But it is revealed to be Shapesmith who is offered a job, and turns Doc Seismic in. Robot is telling Monster Girl about the Rex Clone that he was put into, and asks her out she agrees.

    Meanwhile Mark, and William begin there plan for William to be kidnapped by Reanimen, and Mark to come save him. Hours pass with nothing happening just then William is taken by a Reanimen into the sewers. Mark follows He complains about the sewers, and is surprised when he loses William but he than finds him a minute later. Out of know where he is attacked by 3 Reanimen, he takes the first two are easy for him, but when he rps the face mask off the other he discovers it is actually his friend Rick. H tries to tell Rick to snap out of it that this isn't him but he keeps on getting beaten.

    D.A Sinclair brings William to his lair but William isn't worried he says that Mark will bust through a wall any minute now, but it doesn't happen fro a while and he gets very nervous.

    Features a Capes backup story.


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