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The 1st team up 0

Invincible teams up with the Teen Team to stop the Mauler twins (one is actully a clone of the other).He also realises that Teen Team member Atom Eve has been in his physics class all this time. Also Mark's heritage and Omni-Man's past are reveled.Also the twin pines mall is blowen up by a man with a bomb for a chest, could this be the work of a new villian good thing a bomb won't hurt Mark becausehe is INVINCIBLE....

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Invincible issue #2 Review 0

Invincible issue #2 continues as great as the first issue. Mark finds out about Viltrum, where his father originated from and why his father is here on Earth. Mark also meets the Mauler twins. They are having a devious plot to create some type of robots. Very interested to see where that goes.This issue also introduces the introduction of The Teen Team. Overall, this is a great issue for anyone who likes Invincible. I love this series.P.S. The cliffhanger at the end of this! ...

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INVINCIBLE #2. Mark's introduction into the superhero community of today! 0

Mark Grayson has the powers, suit, and a new name; all he's missing now is his first official superpowered team up with heroes his own age! The GoodIn this issue, Robert Kirkman sets up the story for Invincible to battle his first, real, villain and also he gets a look at some of the heroes of today. Kirkman does an outstanding job with this second issue as we get to see more of INVINCIBLE's world, and also origins. (i.e. Omni-Man and what makes him special.) If issue 1 didn't float the new read...

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