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Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age, except that his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet. And now he's begun to inherit his father's powers. It all sounds okay at first, but how do you follow in your father's footsteps when you know you will never live up to his standards? Her decision is made up... her perfect mate is Invincible. No matter the cost... he must be hers. After her husband died in issue #7, Aquaria went through some bad times, but now that Mark has entered her life, everything is different, everything is perfect. Now Mark has to figure out how to let her know he's not interested... or legal.

Robot offers to help Monster Girl with her problem and she agrees that it would be nice to be the right age again. Deborah Grayson apologizes to Mark about the night before and he accepts her apology, because she was inebriated. Amber wonders why Mark needs a beeper because he keeps running out on her. Mark goes to the Pentagon, and Cecil tells them that he has to marry Aquarius' wife. Mark is shocked but Cecil tells him that he'll get him out of this. Mark is taken to Atlantis. Meanwhile Deborah meets with the publisher of Nolan's books and he says that Deborah will have an enormous check coming in a few weeks. Invincible is very worried when they say the wedding ceremony is today, and that he has to make love to a fish woman. He talks to Lethan the Queen's assistant and discovers that he really loves her so they devise a plan, and Lethan marries the queen, and Invincible narrowly escapes losing his virginity to a fish. Meanwhile Invincible discovers that his mom knows the wife of Superpatriot. Atom Eve and William have taken the next step in their relationship.


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