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Everything Looks good ...Untill it doesn't

As we move past the momentous 100th issue of Invincible I can’t help but wonder what is in store. Invincible unlike most other comic book characters is constantly growing and through these last few years we have seen him grow from a teen into a man. Throughout that journey there were a lot of missteps but I believe our young hero is legitimately making the right decisions now.

In comic books we watch characters stay the same age for years and therefore limiting a characters true potential in growth. We have yet to see that limitation on Mark and while Invincible is deeply rooted in fantasy there are a lot of real issues faced in this series. In this particular issue Mark doesn’t really have a problem and instead has multiple blessings. Mark now has the girl …excuse me fiancé and a baby on board what else can he ask for?

Well he could ask for his family to be safe but I don’t think that will be the case. After seeing next month’s cover with Angstrom Levy I get the feeling that Mark is about to suffer a great tragedy. The writing is basically on the walls because Mark is way too happy for his life to continue to go this well.

Mark isn’t the only one having a great moment in their life because Nolan learns that he is the heir to the Viltrumite Empire. Granted it would have been nice if Thragg just told him that instead of trying to murder him. Thragg didn’t want anyone to know Nolan was the long lost heir ...too bad for him the secrets out.

The Good

I really enjoy seeing everything going great for Mark because let’s face it the kid has been having a tough time for the last 50 issues. I always loved his relationship with Atom Eve because of the love they share and I am glad to see them go to the next level.

There were several amazing panels by Ryan Ottley this week that make you want to say Oh Sh*t. A few panels in particular occurred during Nolan and Thragg's fight. I have to say no one does an eye socket delocation like Ryan Ottley does. Another moment came when the lead generals of the Viltrumite Empire bowed to Nolan. I couldn’t believe my eyes and what a sight to see in deed!

The Bad

My only issue is that why didn’t Nolan just kill Thragg?! Thragg is clearly going to be a threat in the future and no matter how much Nolan has changed he should know better than to keep someone like that around. I know this is going to straight up bite Nolan in the ass.


4 out of 5 – Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley are one hell of a team and I believe this next story arc is going to be something epic .

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