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Invictus is the sworn enemy of "the Beast", known to the outside universe as Larfleeze, and the provider and protector of all the Orrery's worlds. It is revealed that more of the race of "angels" like Invictus existed many eons ago. They found the sun-star system Vega and its surrounding worlds. The angels decided to shed their light of purity and righteousness with the various races that inhabited the planets they visited. Save for one race, the Changralyn were born pure noted by the angels. Many of the races formed councils of virtue dedicated to the angels. The angels had a bright future for the Vega system.

However when "The Beast" Larfleeze showed up and started to slay many of the angels that future started to dim drastically. When an angel was slain its life energy fled quicker than the Orange Lantern could capture it. Larfleeze became enraged over his lost prize construct and began to slaughter many more innocents. Both worldly and angel alike fell before "The Beast" until only Archangel Invictus remained. The Archangel and Larfleeze battled until Invictus tried to send Larfleeze into another dimension far from innocent lives. However Larfleeze had slew the Changralyn Council of Virtue and used their life energy constructs in battle against Invictus. Invictus was taken aback by such a horrendous act that Larfleeze used the momentary distraction to blast Invictus into the dimension he sought to imprison Larfleeze. There Invictus remain consumed by hatred for "The Beast" until he was called forth by the very mention of the name of his most accused nemesis.

Invictus constructed the Orrery as a complete life sized replica of the Vega System, including every planet and race. He planned to return to face Larfleeze one day and replace the corrupted worlds with his own, complete with races that worshiped him as was ions ago.

Powers and Abilities


Invictus is capable of interstellar flight

Inter-dimensional Portals

While fighting Larfleeze, Invictus opened up a portal between dimensions in order to trap Larfleeze within. However, he ended up being trapped within it himself.

Energy Projection

Invictus is capable of projecting explosive blasts of energy from his body.


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