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    The greatest superheroes of their time joined together to fight the Axis powers during World War II.

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    During the opening days of World War II, before the United States had formally entered the conflict, an elite fighting unit was formed at the suggestion of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to halt the growing Nazi aggression. The first great gathering of superhuman champions and heroes, the team consisted of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and James "Bucky" Barnes, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch and Toro , Union Jack , Spitfire, Miss America and the superfast Whizzer - These heroes and this alliance became the Superhero team known as the Invaders, cutting a swath through enemy forces until the Axis powers were defeated.


    Frank Robbins' Invaders
    Frank Robbins' Invaders

    The Invaders were created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema in Avengers #71. Thomas continued to write their own self-titled book, while Frank Robbins was the first artist. The Invaders originally consisted of Namor, Captain America, and the Original Human Torch and were retconed as a WWII team. They were partially inspired by the real post-WWII, Golden Age team, the All Winners Squad, and shared a few members. Bucky and Toro were added to the team in the first issue of the book.

    Team Evolution

    The next members to join the Invaders were Union Jack and Spitfire. Later, Miss America and the Whizzer would join. Following that the Invaders would dissolve and become the All-Winners Squad following the war.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Invaders

    New Invaders
    New Invaders

    The devious Red Skull infiltrated the highest level of government in the guise of US Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk . He proceeded to organize a new version of the Invaders, malevolently intending it to forcibly protect US interests on a world wide scale, and thus ferment even greater distrust among the nations of the wold. This new information of the Invaders , Recruited by former Captain America, John Walker (currently U.S.Agent ) the title of Captain America having been restored by Rusk, and lead by the Nazi-hunting Thin Man , soon realized the truth. Instead of following Rusk's agenda the new Invaders turned their efforts toward the destruction of the secret cabal of sinister superhumans called the Axis Mundi, the society organized in the waning last days of World War II.


    The Cosmic Cube draws the Invaders from the past to face the Avengers in the present. Can they work together to return the Invaders to the past without changing history?

    Invaders Now!

    The original surviving or resurrected Invaders: Namor, Steve Rogers, Bucky as Captain America, the Original Human Torch, Toro, and Spitfire -- as well as the newest Union Jack (Joey Chapman), are drawn together in the present for a mission to redress a past choice.

    All-New Invaders

    The All-New Invaders
    The All-New Invaders

    When Jim Hammond is suddenly attacked by Tanalth, the Pursuer of the Kree Empire, Bucky and Captain America unite to help him. Uncovering a forgotten memory of World War II, the team learn that the Kree plan to reassemble the God's Whisper and take control of the Asgardian God's. Upon discovering that the Kree have captured Namor, the three join together to recover him from Hala and prevent them from using the God's Whisper.

    In Other Media


    In the 1990s TV series Spider-Man, during the "Six Forgotten Warriors" story arc, an ensemble of Invaders were introduced: Captain America, Miss America, Whizzer, Thunderer, Black Marvel.


    In Captain America: The First Avenger, the Invaders are Cap, Bucky, Howling Commandos and the U.S Army.


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