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Shuma-Gorath Strikes

Gage and Ross are on fire in this issue, with a balanced mix of action, good dialogues, interaction with other heroes (Hank Pym, Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank McCoy) and the right amount of feelings. Having you entire family contaminated by a deadly virus (unleashed by a madman scientist named Zola) and then sacrificed by a group of heroes can really mess up with your head (specially when you´re a child). But seeing the same group of heroes, 50 years after, sacrifice themselves willingly, in order to revert the contamination that touched innocent people and to bring back your family from the dead, is also a powerful thing, capable of changing your life and values; and this doubt only changes in certainty after the old man sees his dead family again (in total peace) as they reassure him that they are needed as protectors of the world. And that´s what Gage and Reis portraited to us with perfection: emotions and actions of the Invaders as they are struggling to find a cure, knowing that they will be consumed in the madman´s magiks. Also there´s the whole bringing back Shuma-Gorath into picture, what I really enjoyed, and the aid of the Atlanteans magicians. This is a very structured story, with pretty art and a great pace, worth having in your collection. The climax, the final battle, is coming, and will Zola pay for his crimes? The conclusion is near of this great miniseries.
4.5 out 5

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