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    Inuyasha is one of the main heroes in the anime/manga series InuYasha created by Rumiko Takahashi. Inuyasha is a half-demon who is the love interest of Kagome and previously, Kikyo. Inuyasha has never met his father, who was the lord of the Western Lands.

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    Inuyasha's story begins in Feudal Japan, when he steals a very powerful item, called the Shikon Jewel (Jewel of Four Souls), from a village. Inuyasha almost escapes, but is caught by Kikyo, the village priestess. She shoots Inuyasha with a sacred arrow and seals him to Goshinboku, a sacred tree in the forest. After being wounded, Kikyo, who knows she is going to die, tells her younger sister, Kaede to burn the Jewel of Four Souls with her body to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands ever again.

    In modern day Tokyo, a junior high school girl named Kagome Higurashi is on her way to school when she stops by her family's Shinto shrine to find her cat. Suddenly, a centipede demon emerged from the well and takes Kagome into the Feudal Japan time era. After Kagome is found by Kaede (the village priestess), she is told the story of Inuyasha and Kikyo and that Kagome is a reincarnation of Kikyo. The centipede demon finds Kagome again when she is near Inuyasha's tree. Inuyasha awakens because he thinks that he smells Kikyo approaching. As the demon is attacking Kagome, he notices that she cannot defend herself, and he makes her a deal that if she will release him, he will defeat the demon. After Inuyasha defeats the demon, he tries to take the Jewel(that was found in Kagome's body by the centipede demon). Kaede puts prayer beads around his neck which allow Kagome to momentarily paralyze him by simply saying, "Sit!".

    Soon, many other demons are drawn by the Jewel's power. When one demon, the crow demon, steals the Jewel, Kagome shoots it with a sacred arrow. The Jewel is then shattered and the pieces are scattered across the land. It is then decided that Inuyasha and Kagome should team up and go looking for the Jewel fragments(despite the fact that neither of them like each other at all).

    Inuyasha, the Half Demon Mut

    Inuyasha and Kagome meet many different friends and enemies during their journey, such as: Shippo, a young fox demon; Miroku, a monk who was cursed by Naraku,who put a wind tunnel in his hand; Sango, a girl demon slayer whose brother was possessed and was forced to destroy the rest of their village; Kikyo, who was resurrected with a part of Kagome's soul.


    Inuyasha's half brother; and Naraku, an evil demon who tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo into turning against each other.

    Inuyasha despises most humans( and demons) because, throughout his life, he was rejected for being a half-demon. Inuyasha's father, who was a great dog demon, fell in love with Izayoi(who was a normal human). When Inuyasha was born, his father was killed defending Izayoi and Inuyasha. As Inuyasha was raised by his mother(who loved him very much despite the fact he was a half-demon), he was continually rejected by other humans because of his heritage. Some time later, Inuyasha meets Kikyo, a village priestess, and they fall in love. One day, Kikyo meets a bandit named Onigumo who has been wounded( by someone in his bandit group). She nurses him back to health and during this time he begins to have feelings for her. He then finds out that Inuyasha is in love with Kikyo, and he summons some demons and asks them to devour his body and give him a new body in order to defeat Inuyasha and Kikyo. He then tries to steal the Jewel of Four Souls(to make him more powerful) disguised as Inuyasha. Kikyo finds Naraku with the Jewel and fights him. He wounds her and then disappears. Kikyo then goes after Inuyasha and seals him to the sacred tree with her arrow(and then she dies).

    Love Interests

    • Kikyo: A young priestess of a village Inuyasha fell in love 50 years ago when he was trying to steal the Shikon Jewel. Kiyko stated that they were similar because they both were once outcasts. As they spent more time together, their relationship grew. However, born from the body a bandit, Naraku, who once had a relationship with Kiyko, corrupted her into betraying Inuyasha, rustling in her death and Inuyasha's slumber.
    • Kagome: Kikyo's reincarnation and Inuyasha's second love interest after Kikyo dies. Despite the fact, that at the beginning of his journey with Kagome, he hated her; he now loves her very much and will protect her at all costs. He shows his love through how he protects her and through his words. But he tries his best to control his inner demon from killing her. But he did once, but he was possessed by Naraku and the Shiko no tama.


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    • Tessaiga: Inuyasha wields the ''sword of destruction'', the Tessaiga. The sword forged by the demonic sword smith, Tōtōsai, from the fang of his father, the Inu no Taishō. In its sealed form, it looks like a rusted katana. While in its true form, it takes the appearence of an enormous dog fang with with white dog demon fur as its suba.

    The Tessaiga is surround by an anti-demon barrier to prevents any demon who despise humans from touching it and possesses the ability to absorb demonic energy, break demonic barriers, and cut demons without physically touching them.


    • Human Form:During the night of a new moon each month, Inuyasha loses his demon powers and becomes human with black hair and violet eyes.
    • When Kagome says the word "Sit" or "Sit boy", it activates the Beads of Subjugation around his neck.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Superhuman Strength: Being a yokai, Inuyasha's blood endows him with strength that surpasses that of humans and most demons. He is strong enough to break strong material and defeat demons much larger than him.
    • Superhuman Speed: Inuyasha also possesses great speed. He is able to run at speed that greater than most demons. When he runs at high velocity, his speed adds to his jumping skills, allowing to soar great distances in one bound.
    • Superhuman Durability: Inuyasha is often withstanding great physical pain in battle, surviving blunt force trauma and attacks from powerful demons.
    • Superhuman Senses: Being a yokai, Inuyasha possesses senses much great than the average human and animal. His able to hear from great distances and being a dog demon, he also has a great sense of smell.
    • Longevity: Due to his mixed heritage, Inuyasha ages slower than humans. Despite him being over 200 years old, he has the physical appearance of a 15 year-old boy.


    • Iron Reaver Soul Stealer- Inuyasha's basic attack in which he channels his demon energy through his claws, making them strong enough to tear iron.
    • Blades of Blood- Inuyasha's blood when combined with his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. When Inuyasha dips his own blood on his claws, he can fling them like multiple blades made of red-colored demon energy.
    • Wind Scar- Inuyasha's signature attack. When Inuyasha faces a demon, he finds a rift between his opponent's energy and his own. When he does, he swings his Tessaiga into the the rift, creating a powerful razor sharp blast of demon energy that is capable of cutting through stone. The attack also has the power to kill 100 demons in a single sweep.
    • Backlash Wave- Whenever a demon possesses a demonic aura weaker than his fires an energy projectile at him, Inuyasha is able to use his Tessaiga to absorb the energy. Then he adds the energy to his own power and projects it back at his enemy with a more powerful version of his Wind Scar. Unlike the Wind Scar, the Backlash Wave takes on the appearance of powerful tornadoes with streaks of electricity running through them due to the combined energies.
    • Barrier Shattering (Red Tessaiga)- This ability is gained indirectly from the orb of the bat demons that gave them the power to create barriers. This technique renders barriers useless. Only the strongest barriers cannot be shattered by this attack, presumably it must be stronger then the barrier made by the orb. When being used, Tessaiga's blade becomes crimson red. Inuyasha learns Barrier shatter after he destroys the bat-demon Taigokumaru.
    • Adament Barrage- Inuyasha gained this ability when he encountered Hōsenki. Inuyasha is able launch shards of adamant splinters that are powerful enough to destroy barrier that even the red tessaiga couldn't destroy.
    • Dragon-scaled Tessaiga: With the dragon-scaled Tessaiga Inuyasha could destroy the other demons via slashing their demonic vortex (Energy), thus instantly destroying weaker demons. As well, he could absorb the demonic energy of other demons directly into the sword.
    • Meidou Zangetsuha (Black Tessaiga): Inuyasha slashes any area and create a scar which sends the opponent straight to the underworld and it also creates many blades that have the power of the underworld, so it is very powerful to use.


    In spite of his immense physical prowess, Inuyasha's emotional growth was stunted by his traumatic experiences as a child. He has immense pride and difficulty trusting people, which leads him to do all manner of stupid things in order to avoid looking stupid, which tends to fail. He is also not particularly bright, although his instincts are sharp.

    He could be stupid at times but is still stupid at times of fight. Without thinking of the advantages, he fights with a move that is not really smart to use at that particular battle.

    Thinking that he had been betrayed by Kikyo, he is very slow to trust Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation who he says "smells" like Kikyo. Thanks to Kaeda-baasan'smagic necklace that forces InuYasha to sit like a puppy at Kagome's command, the two strike an uneasy partnership collecting the shards of the Shikon no Tama, which had resided within Kagome's body.

    Kikyo is eventually revived by a crazed witch and continues to walk the world, helping people. She cannot rid herself of her immense hatred for Inuyasha, but neither can she completely throw off her love for him. As a result, Inuyasha is often torn between Kikyo and her reincarnation, Kagome. He really cares about his friends and doesn't want to see them die.


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