Inuyasha #19

    Inuyasha » Inuyasha #19 - Target: Kagome! released by Viz on September 7, 2004.

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    Sango's brother Kohaku has been freed of Naraku's spell--or has he?! With Kagome's life in danger, Inu-Yasha and the others set out after her. Who is more to blame for the deception? Naraku for causing it, or Inu-Yasha for believing it? If Kohaku is truly to become himself again, first he must face the horror he himself has committed. But can Sango ever forgive the death of their parents at her little brother's hand...?

    Thanks to the lingering lust of the weak human form who originally gave life to the demon Naraku, the evil mastermind is unable to kill the priestess Kikyo - a fact she taunts the demon with. Furious, Naraku intends to prove her wrong, and sends a Giant Soul Skimmer to destroy her!

    Inu-Yasha comes to her rescue... and Kagome returns from her own era just in time to see Inu-Yasha and Kikyo embrace. Can such a many-sided love triangle have a happy ending?

    Chapter Titles

    • Scroll One: Suspicion
    • Scroll Two: The Erased Heart
    • Scroll Three: Sango's Decision
    • Scroll Four: The Face That Wouldn't Disappear
    • Scroll Five: Secret of the Transformation
    • Scroll Six: The Venomous Cocoon
    • Scroll Seven: Rampage
    • Scroll Eight: The Lost Soul
    • Scroll Nine: Blood Soaked In
    • Scroll Ten: The Talon Shield


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    Story Arcs

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