Inuyasha #15

    Inuyasha » Inuyasha #15 - Feminine Wiles released by Viz on September 2003.

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    The aftermath of a vicous argument sees Kagome stomping back to the present day, and Inu-Yasha sulking in the past. One or the other has to apologize--but which one is more stubborn? Then, Naraku's most enigmatic pawn yet enters the battle--Kagura, a beautiful woman with the power to control the dead!

    Inu-Yasha and Kagome have a falling out over the wolf-demon Kouga... has Kagome really transferred her affections? Regardless of her feelings, it's a touchy enough subject for Kagome to leave the past for the present. Now if Inu-Yasha wants her back, he'll have to bear the unbearable... and apologize... But since when does Inu-Yasha apologize for anything?! And what does it matter anyway? They're not a couple... or are they?

    Chapter Titles

    • Scroll One: Dueling Emotions
    • Scroll Two: The Other Side of the Well
    • Scroll Three: The Chase
    • Scroll Four: Corpse Dance
    • Scroll Five: Kagura
    • Scroll Six: Wind Witch
    • Scroll Seven: The Spider On Her Back
    • Scroll Eight: Mystery of the Wind Witch
    • Scroll Nine: Koharu
    • Scroll Ten: Kanna


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    Story Arcs

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