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In his youth and younger days he was the student of Tatsumi, the leader of a ninja group that tried to kill Hitokiri Battōsai. His master was killed by Kenshin in battle which he says affected him greatly. Inui initially claims to join Enishi's campaign for that reason, but he is actually using his master's death as an excuse to fight and prove just how powerful he really is.
He likes to boast about being invincible and undefeated, after joining with Enishi he attacked the local police and did battle with Sanosuke. Even though he is triumphant sano manges to shatter one of his tekko so he retreats when Gein leaves a bomb laden Iwanbo behind.
In his second battle with Sano, sano  figures out that Banjin is full of himself from wearing the tekkō and that he only fights people weaker than him.

He later gets a pair of upgraded Tekkō from Enishi and fights Sano again in the attack on Kamiya dojo. In the end Inui provokes Sano into attacking him with the Futae No Kiwami again and is defeated as a result with both of his Tekkō destroyed. After being taken down, Inui vows to kill Sano next time and Sano welcomes him to try but warns him that he will not win as long as he wears the tekkō to cover his weakness. Banjin is arrested by the police afterwords.

Physical characteristics

 Inui Banjin is an odd design a camouflage-wearing, hand-to-hand fighter who mirrors Sanosuke in intelligence


Skills and abilities

 Inui wears gauntlets on his wrists called tekkō that according to him can deflect any attack, even bullets. He wears them to compensate for the fact that he cannot take damage well. Inui is skilled in Jutsushiki Muteki-ryū, which is an amalgamation of various styles of martial arts

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