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Created by Alan Grant and Al Luzniak.

Team Evolution

At the time of Lobo #1,000,000 the team was consisted of Wanda Woman, Kaptain Karate, Clayman, Greased Lightnin' and the robot K-M.A.R.T.

Major Story Arcs

When meeting Lobo, the team was preparing an information transfer between the Peaceful People of the Magellanic Clouds and the Orion cluster. Since there was a law against Lobo even being near an information transfer, the team tried to arrest the Czarnian. The JLWB's personal shields protected them from Lobo's bullets but not from an anti-personal forcefield micro nuke that Lobo threw at them, evaporating the entire team apart from Clayman.

Clayman shapeshifted into Malo Perverso, a ruthless killer that Lobo was looking for, gaining his powers but did still not manage to beat Lobo. Lobo forced Clayman to give up the whereabouts of the real Malo Perverso before kicking Clayman against a wall, killing him like the rest of the JLWB.

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