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    Intergang is an organized crime syndicate. They have managed to stay one step ahead of most Earth-based crime fighters by using technology from Apokolips.

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    The Metropolis Underworld is governed by a corporation which controls the majority of the city's illegal vice's. It was originally consolidated by WGBS media mogul Morgan Edge. Edge's father Vincent Edge created an inner circle consisting of cloned 1930's mobsters armed with new era weapons and bio-engineered superpowers. "Boss Moxie" Mr. Moxie is a clone of the original leader of Intergang, he is just as deranged and depraved as the original. He surrounds himself with the likes of Mortimer Slake [a.k.a."Shrew-Face"] and Hannibal Leach [a.k.a."Mr. Bloat"],who are both classified as "Magnitude-10 Meta-Criminals.

    Other Media

    The Intergang appear in Superman: The Animated Series and are led by Bruno Mannheim (who first appear in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #139) he is voiced by Bruce Weitz. He later dies in the series with the cause of death being an explosion of a nuclear power plant.

    Intergang appears in the Young Justice episode "Disordered". They are shown stealing gold from a bank fault underground until Superboy and the Forever People arrive. When their battle comes to the surface The Forever People summon Infinity-Man and defeats the Intergang who all escape through a Boom Tube apart from Whisper A'Daire. By looking through Whisper A'Daire mind, they discover that Desaad has been supplying the Intergang with weapons from Apokolips. Superboy and Forever People track down the Intergang & Desaad but when the Forever People summon Infinity-Man, Desaad uses a Father Box to take control of Infinity-Man, however New Genisphere & Superboy reclaims control of Infinity-Man and defeats Intergang.

    They appear in DC Universe Online where they kill Batwoman. Whisper A'Daire and Kyle Abbot capture her by using gas and then you fight them both. Then you fight Bruno Mannheim at their hideout.


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