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    Leader of Force. Heightened intellect and the ability to alter chemical compositions by transmuting elements

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    Interface was once an Elder of the planet Uloc, a Utopian society that was well educated. His planet was invaded by the Universal Church of Truth and slaughtered, enslaved and converted to their religion. His entire family was killed. Interface became a slave, forced to program the Church's computers because of his great intellect. He was rescued by a strange creature he named Tachyon, who never has spoken or revealed its intentions or motives. 
    Interface would go on to form the villainous group Force. At some point, he would travel to Centauri IV and find a baby alone in the jungle. He raised the child as his own, naming her Photon.

    One of his goals was to seek out a weapon of great power. He was able to discover the weapon, which turned out to be Captain America's shield, and was able to defeat Major Victory and the Guardians of the Galaxy to obtain it. He soon learned that it did not possess the power he had in mind and left it behind. 

    After being betrayed by Brahl, he and the other members of Force were again sent after the Guardians to kill Aleta. Instead, Interface formed an alliance with them to unite against Protege and the Universal Church of Truth. Once finished, the teams separated, and Interface claimed that they would no longer be allies, despite having worked together so well.


    Interface was created by Jim Valentino in 1990 and first appeared in Guardians Of The Galaxy # 3. 

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