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    Group consisting of the Earth's most evil geniuses in the Marvel Universe.

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    Intelligencia in the Eternals stronghold
    Intelligencia in the Eternals stronghold

    The Intelligencia was formed by the Leader. He recruited some of the greatest criminal minds on Earth for one purpose: recollect the lost information of the Library of Alexandria. He first got the Wizard to join, followed by Egghead, the Mad Thinker and the Red Ghost. In order to safeguard the information, they got the cooperation of Doctor Doom.

    Over the years the team continued to plan for their future heist while at the same time endeavoring on solo missions. They often assisted each other in prison breaks, all the while keeping their alliances secret. They were also responsible for resurrecting and reforming the Absorbing Man, Sandman and Klaw on multiple occasions in order to keep them unaffiliated with one another. When Egghead was killed, they needed a replacement to make their machine work. The Leader chose MODOK.


    The Intelligencia debuted in Fall of the Hulks: Alpha by Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier in a flashback, which proved they were involved with a number of different major events in the Marvel Universe

    Major Story Arcs

    The Alexandria Knowledge

    Together, The Intelligencia created a device that made them fall slightly out of time with the real world, making them undetectable to even the greatest of technologies. The device was powered by their combined mental capabilities (Doctor Doom excluded). Their first heist was a success, stealing one third of the information from the Eternals.

    They stole the next piece of information from Wakanda, a remarkable feat considering the nations advanced technology. With this information, Doom built a tachyon beam that inadvertently caught the attention of the being known as the Beyonder. After these events, the team did smaller missions to obtain further information.

    The final piece of information was located in the Library of Atlantis, the team luckily retrieving it before it's destruction. Upon return to Latveria with the info, they were betrayed by Doom, who stole it all. The team disbanded after the Leader left the battle with Doom, knowing they could not hope to beat Doom in his own land.

    Fall of the Hulks

    Kidnapping geniuses
    Kidnapping geniuses

    Years later, the Leader was approached by MODOK, who had some interesting information. With info he had learned from the texts, MODOK used gamma and cosmic radiation to create the Red Hulk, who could be used to stop the Hulk. They also needed to take out the opposition, which was the eight greatest minds on Earth besides their own. This also included revenge on Doom.

    With MODOK's technology, the Leader also created the Red She-Hulk (secretly Betty Ross). With a blood sample from Abomination, they also transformed Rick Jones into the A-Bomb and planned to use him against his friend the Hulk. The Red Hulk drew up a battle plan for the Intelligencia, but was cast out of the group. Now seemingly allied with Lyra and Doc Samson, the Intelligencia made their first move. They successfully capture Reed Richards (sending the Wizard and his Frightful Four) and Doctor Doom (sending the Cosmic Hulk robot).

    The Red She-Hulk is then sent to capture Hank Pym, who she captures with the same mentally reducing technology used to capture Doom. The Red Ghost is then sent to capture the Black Panther, but gets a two for one and captures the Beast as well. They were all brought aboard the Golden Hellicarrier, which the team took over and made their own base.

    Bruce Banner and the Red Hulk began to work together to stop the Intelligencia's plot. But the whole time, the Leader and MODOK watched their foes and planned accordingly. When the Hulks, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers attacked, it all fell into their schemes. With the Red Hulk captured, they used him and Samson's cathexis ray to create many other red Hulks out of AIM agents and turned the invading superheroes into Hulks as well. And when Banner was captured, he was plugged into a machine with the other captured geniuses.

    World War Hulks

    Enhancing the heroes with gamma power and letting them falter due to their new blind rage was never part of the original plan that Red Hulk had given to the Intelligencia. Leader and MODOK had planned this part beyond the original plans knowing the cosmic rays they used in addition to the gamma would eventually kill all the heroes. This angered Samson, who never intended for them to be targeted.

    The last straw was when they sent the Red She-Hulk after Red Hulk too early. He lashed out at the Leader but was taken down by MODOK. Unfortunately, the Hulk fights were destroying the Intelligencia’s helicarrier just as Banner was able to break himself and the other geniuses out of the virtual reality prison. He was also able to reach Lyra, Red She-Hulk, and Samson to work with him against the Intelligencia.

    Despite their intelligence and their power levels, the Intelligencia were unable to match the mind of Bruce Banner, who was able to see through their illusions and used his knowledge to use their equipment to re-absorb the gamma radiation in all the hulks and transformed back into the Hulk but with a combination of the Professor Hulk and the Sakaar Hulk. The Leader and M.O.D.O.K were defeated and the rest of the members of the Intelligencia fled but were later captured by Jen Walters and the Savage She-Hulk.

    The Jealousy of Doctor Octopus.

    With MODOK 2.0 taking over as leader, The Intelligencia bait Russia’s Winter Guard into coming after them so that they could test their new invention, The Zero Cannon on them. The Zero Cannon would tap into experimental energy to teleport a person into open outer space. During this test run they were attacked by the Sinister Six.

    This version of Sinister Six was led by Doctor Octopus who was angry that they did not think to include him. He swore to make them sorry for excluding him. Ultimately, Doc Ock and MODOK 2.0 challenged each other to a game of chess with their teammates as the pieces, until Doc Ock could take control of his Zero Cannon. After teleporting the other members of The Intelligencia, MODOK 2.0 quietly surrendered.

    Age of Ultron

    The group later escaped and came into possession of a deceased Space Knight, intending to reverse engineer his technology for their own plans. They also kidnapped Spider-Woman when she was caught spying on their plans. The subsequent battle with the Avengers (who came to rescue Spider-Woman) ended with the revelation that the Space Knight "corpse" was actually a disguised Ultron, who had now returned to Earth to conquer the planet.

    Monsters Unleashed

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    A new Intelligencia is assembled with MODOK 2.0, Leader, Mad Thinker, Mr. Sinister, and the Mole Man. Their new targets were the kaiju created by Kid Kaiju. They were hoping their genetic structure would offer secrets to creating life and raw power. Their first act was for Mole Man to lead an attack on Kid Kaiju’s home with his own subterranean monsters to give them the opportunity to measure Kid Kaiju’s powers. Unfortunately, The Mole Man goes rogue and decides to kidnap Kei and his monster hunter bodyguard, Elsa Bloodstone.

    The Leader had a contingency. He hired a monster hunter, Lady Hellbender, to track down Mole Man and bring them Kei. When she teleported Kei to the Intelligencia's headquarters, Kei was able to summon his kaiju friends. Unfortunately, they had just been attacked by SHIELD over Kei’s disappearance and were hit with shrinking gas, making them easily captured by the Intelligencia.

    They tried to play nice with Kid Kaiju and gently persuade him to create monsters from nothing for them, but when that didn’t work, they resorted to sending Leviathans to his family’s home. Thankfully, Mole Man led Elsa to their hideout after he was betrayed by them. They are able to release the now pint-sized kaijus to fight off the geniuses and retrieve Kei’s pen and notebook. Once he was “armed” again, Kei was able to teleport him and his allies back to his home and combine his kaijus into a single supermonster to fight off the Leviathans.

    Other Media

    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

    Website screenshot
    Website screenshot

    The Intelligencia made their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the Disney+ streaming series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Rather than a fraternity of Marvel's smartest villains, it was a collection of trolls on a members-only message board that spread misogynist gossip and grievances about superhumans, as started by jealous billionaire Todd Phelps, under the codename HulkKing. As soon as Jen Walters went public with her abilities during an attack at a court house, the collective took a particular interest in ruining her life.

    Members of the Wrecking Crew can be seen among their ranks.


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